Problem with Carnivore quest

Hello. As i was playing, i got the quest to enter de The Carnivore. When my car got it the grinder, game crashed, and the quest moved to the next step, but when i got back into the game, the door to access the quest map is closed and i cant make it to open again (cant manage to use the grinder to destroy another car).
Any ideas?

You don’t have to destroy another car, it’s a specific vehicle that needs to be parked in order to get into the Carnivora map!

Heya Moleman, thanks for the reply.
I didnt know it must be a specific car, i got there with my standard car and it worked, but the game crashed right at the grinder animation.
Do you remember what car type i need to get there to make it work again? Gonna try some options.

… no, no other car i could get, worked. The button i need to press to “grind” a car is always red, no matter the car i park at the entrance, and the quest step is for me to get into the Carnivore festival.

The “only” car that works is a gold painted technical. It’s quest specific…not something you can just throw at it. Although you may get it afterwards.

Granted I was able to feed it my car at one point - but it was rejected. So did you give it a gold technical or? At least i think it was. :slight_smile: been a bit.

Nice! Thank you guys. I just got what Kage mentioned above, i was too much “vision tunneled” to get into that map that i forgot to check the quest marks! LOL

Thanks again \o

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No problem…happy hunting…enjoy the boss fight at the end…you’ll laugh hard if you catch the references. :slight_smile: