Problem with Claptrap

My name is Agnieszka and i have a gamer boyfriends and he love games borderlands(and me :wink: ).I usual girl who know mario and the sims that all but i want make him atypical gift to valentine’s Day. I want sew toy claptrap when you press him he say : I love you(or somethnig like that). But i have a problem and therefore I wrote to you to fans .I can’t found this lines of text when he say that .Can you tell me which game and which mission he tell that (of course if he say that)
I would be very grateful for help

Claptrap says, “I love you guys” at the end of Tiny Tina’s DLC (check this video at 4:44). You should be able to edit that to get what you need (note: this is the end game cinematic for this DLC, so spoiler alert):

Also - you must post a picture of your Claptrap doll when it’s finished. :thumbsup:

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