Problem with controller

I’m having an issue with this game other than the splitscreen. When I use my controller or my wife uses hers which is new it seems to continue movement in directions even if I remove my hand from the controller it makes it difficult to aim or even scroll through my inventory. It has happened since day 1, and since on multiple controllers not the equipment. I don’t know if this is only with Splitscreen but it is a pain to deal with specially since my preferred weapon is sniper rifles. Any help would be useful.

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It has been an issue since day 1, even when playing solo. Most people drift to one side…iirc the right. Either way some fixed it by altering. the controller dead zone in the game settings. I just learned to adapt.

The game is just very sensitive to controller drift. I had a controller which had developed a drift issue that was just barely noticeable in other games. But even with adjusting the deadzones in BL3 it was difficult to play, and some of the radio challenges were nearly impossible. Getting a new controller solved my problem.

easiest way to fix it is to adjust deadzone , try to the stick drift first , then tune the inner deadzone until it stop happen . if the value is too high for u and cause unsmooth gameplay then u should probably buy a new controller because its broken and adjust deadzone is just a way to solve it .

I just got a new controller for xmas and the drifting issues have pretty much disappeared for me