Problem with ingame monitors - PC


i have the problem that in every mission, that includes watching onto a ingame monitor, the game show nothing on the monitor and in addition i can’t come further with that mission. I#m at mission 3 and got this problem the second time already. I’ve tried another character, tried to reinstall the game and verified the game’s data.

The first the the problem appears an update helped but in the third story mission it appears again, even with a new character and after verification of the game’ data and reinstallation.

Is there anybody else with this problem.

It appears in singleplayer and i even can’t see mission instructions and mission markers. Even the doors to the next rooms won’t open.
Also tried directx12 and change the graphic options. Also closed epic launcher. Still no solution

yeah my co-op partner keeps telling me they see videos playing on some in-game monitors we walk by but i don’t see them.

If it would be only in mutliplayer i would be happy. It’s in singleplayer and it keeps me from progress. I even didn’t see any mission instructions or mission markers