Problem with keys

I am sure this is my fault but I made a stupid mistake of claiming my 25 free keys on the xbox 360.

I thought it would all transfer across but now I only seem to have 1 key.

If I load up the 360 I get my 25, just sitting there.

Is there anyway to transfer the keys, BAR has also not been copied over but I read this is another issue.

Thanks for your help.

Someone from GBX or someone more knowledgeable may correct me, but it’s possible your keys will transfer up once the BAR issue is fixed too. Otherwise you may be out of luck.

The Badass rank not transferring is a known issue and a fix is currently in testing to be released in the neat future.
However, golden keys will not transfer I’m afraid.

But all hope is not lost. Once the loyalty rewards get sorted out and fixed, you should be gifted 75 keys for each game. :smile_cat: