Problem with launch! S.O.S

When I want to launch Borderlands 3 I see that "

I have tried to do a lot of things but nothing occured.
I need help!
If you need more informathion I can give it

Well, more info would be quite useful. Especially stuff such as your graphics-card.

Well, the GPU should be capable. What version of Windows are you using? Looks like Windows 7. You can figure the right version out the following way:
Press and hold the Windows-key, then press R. That should open a “Run” dialogue. Enter “winver” without the " " into that and open that.

My version is Windows7 Ultimate

OK. In that case, do the following for additional info:

Right click your desktop and click on “Nvidia Control Panel” to open it. Then, in the menu at the top of the window, click on “Help” > “System information” (or similar; depends on your language in Windows 7)
In the window that opens there’s some info about your graphics card. Do tell me what’s written for “Direct3D Feature Level”.


OK. In that case, the driver reports the right feature level, but the game does not detect it.
The minimum system requirements state that an AMD FX-8350 would be minimum. Yours is below that, yes, but it’s still from the same CPU-family; AMD FX-6300.

In this case, there’s only two options left for you:

  1. Do a clean install of your graphics-card drivers. You can do that by first uninstalling, then re-installing the drivers using the most recent version from Nvidia’s website.
  2. If that don’t work, then you’ve got a different kind of issue. In that case, you may have to contact 2K Support to get further assistance. Your PC should be able to start the game.