Problem with matchmaking

Ok I don’t normally do this but I need to complain. I recently had a friend get battleborn. He likes the campaign but we got really screwed in matchmaking. Our team was 8 6 29 22 31 and they were 100 100 100 93 100… how… just how. And not once but similar layout 5 times in a row! That is crazy! They have a lot of gear and experience but my friend is new! Now he won’t play again and is getting a refund because the extremely unbalanced matchmaking system. I can’t blame him. Please tell me there is a plan for this?

Man, I didn’t know it’s this bad. Well, of course I didn’t know. Usually I’m the only high CR in my team against a full ranked team, but I won’t see the matches that have no high CR players on one team… The matchmaking has definitely had a sudden decline and I really don’t understand why. I can tell which side will lose before we even select a map, and I haven’t had one match that wasn’t a stomp for a good while. Since last week, probably?

CR isn’t everything in my experience, but below 50CR ranks shouldn’t be put against a full ranked team, that’s ridiculous. What happened to the ELO? Is it even on anymore? ANd if it is, what on earth are they doing with it? New players should start out at a below average ELO rating, not the highest possible one since they haven’t “actually” had any losses or deaths yet, but honestly that’s what it is starting to feel like :weary:

Seriously, has something been changed? Queue times got really quick at one point, but suddenly it seemed like everyone was matched against literally anybody, without any kind of skill filters.
30+ minute queues are no good, but neither are matches like the ones that are currently happening.

Though please, have hope! Gearbox is definitely new to this, but if they are given a chance I am sure they’ll figure something out. There are many games that have Very sad that this was your friends experience, though. Very unfair.

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The plan is to keep playing till he gets better.
We’re sort of at that point where there’s not enough n00bs to go around.
Low levels seem to have stats that skew them into a higher skill bracket, unfortunately.

Something also worth thinking about. ALOT of people are leaving teams if they aren’t seeing a favourable team that means they can win. That means that when these teams are forming and 2-3 under 50 CR people are together, they normally don’t leave a queue if they don’t like the team (ie it’s not all 100s).

On the other hand a large amount of 100s will leave the que the minute they see anyone under 50CR.

So what happens is the people who leave the queues constantly are making an already not-very-good matchmaking system hugely worse by further degrading the team makeup.

So basically what’s happening is good/experienced players who don’t feel the need to be hugely selfish and queue hop are left playing with more inexperienced players and not being able to compete, while selfish players are getting curb stomp games and being rewarded for being selfish, unfriendly and abusing the system…

So while the matchmaking being opened up to make getting games easily, the main problem is arguably actually selfish experienced players stacking teams by using the leave queue button.

Just watch the way teams form. Two under 50 CRs and many people will simply leave, watch that team fill up with the lower CR people. Then watch five 100s join the other team.

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For some reason, Capture seems especially prone to tossing a token CR100 player into a group of sub-30s and matching them against five 100s with Worthy of Song and Old Man Cranky titles.

It also seems to always want me to be the token 100.

I always stick it out to the bitter end, but I’ve also become reluctant to queue for that mode nowadays :wink:

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Yea that’s what sucks, as a new player (myself) we benefit from some seasoned hands on board. Ideally one new player in a team of 100s against a similar team is going to get the best experience. Or at least teams where the level of experienced players are matched pretty closely.

But team stacking actually means that people doing the right thing, like you EdenSophia, are now being punished and are less likely to play, making the experience even worse the newer players, or those trying to learn, and effecting the quality of play for everyone. Although the stacked teams probably are just happy with their steamroll wins!

If we keep going this will turn into Overwatch, where 90% of matches are an absolute steamroll by one side. Maybe that will net BB some good reviews though, who knows.

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