Problem with Mod Selection Menu

First post here at Gearbox forums. Hope to get some help.

Just recently loaded Steam for the first time and started working through the RM of HW1.

Getting up to Mission 3 ran into the spun-up crush of enemy ships, if you have many ships weighting from the HW2 engine.

Found the mod on steam to dial that down to .4, followed the instructions to subscribe and make that mod available, then selected it after pressing lower right “Mods” button in the initial launch window to get to the mod selection.

And here’s where problem occurred, mouse select check boxes for picking the campaign to run wouldn’t work, wouldn’t stick so on lanuch you get a button selection that has multiplayer, and skirmish, but no single player campaign the mod is intended for.

Is this a steam settings or mod problem, and is there a fix for this?

My HWRM collection version is 2.1 - up-to-date.

Best bet is to find and tag the author of that mod mate, unless I cracked it open I couldn’t help you

I think that’s a bug of the mod launcher, not the mod itself. I remembered received similar bug report very long time ago(I think it was the first two months after the release of HW:RM), some users of our Chinese Translation MOD complain that they cannot check the check boxes for campaign in the mod launcher.

The workaround is, players who meet this bug can try to click on one of the campaign check box, and in fact there will be a check mark flashes in the check box but disappears immediately. In fact the check box has already be checked after the flash of the check mark, so the player should not click the check box anymore but directly click “Launch” to start campaign.

Above instructions are translated from our Chinese Translation MOD installation notes. Not sure if I’ve translated it clearly so I put the original notes(in Chinese) here:

部分玩家可能出现 “HW1 Campaign”和“HW2 Campaign”两个选项前面无法打钩的情况,这是游戏本身的BUG而并非汉化包的问题,可以尝试打开启动器转到MOD页、SELECT汉化MOD后,点击其中一个选项的复选框,可能会看到一个小钩一闪而过,此时不要再尝试点击两个战役选项,直接点击LAUNCH启动游戏,可能可以进入战役。

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你的翻译还不错,完全能明白的。不过我自己都没有碰到这样的情况 :thinking:

I think it’s a very rare bug. There’re almost 7900 subscriber of our Chinese translation mod, but there’re only two players who reported this bug.

Anyway,@KGSpace if the workaround I provided above doesn’t work, you can always put these command lines in the Commandline Arguments box of the launcher to load campaigns:

For HW1 campaign:
-dlccampaign HW1Campaign.big -campaign HomeworldClassic -moviepath DataHW1Campaign
For HW2 campaign:
-dlccampaign HW2Campaign.big -campaign Ascension -moviepath DataHW2Campaign

Its a game that’s so hard that to figure it out you have to learn Chinese to problem solve the bugs - wow! and humbling. :laughing::open_mouth:

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Thanks, I think this is something like what I’m seeing - a case of white check on white box. But real thanks on the command line stuff, going to try that next. Have to look into how to use that box more - all that can be put in there.

Nathanius is famous among us Chinese Modders for he can speak Chinese very well.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have similar experiences, one user of ~2500 had this problem, actually, two now. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help before I react.

Command line method worked. Ready for mission 3 on setting .5.

Don’t you mean infamous? :wink: