Problem with my DLC's

I’ve beaten TVHM, unlocked UVHM and never visited my DLC’s before, all of them are scaled to level 36.
Is there something I can do about this? Seems like a pain because I wanted to do all the DLC’s before I did my final playthrough…

Level range for each DLC is essentially fixed. The ranges should be different for each play through (normal and true). The last two DLCs can scale higher than the first two. You can see the normal ranges here. I forget what the equivalent numbers are for TVHM. I know I’ve got level 50 gear out of Scarlett, Torgue, and Dragon Keep on TVHM though. You may just have to push through the first mission and see how the next one scales up.

Thanks for the reply vaulthunter101. After checking up, it seems to be normal that the Headhunter packs only scale to 35, so that’s my mistake. The other DLC’s seem to scale up normally.