Problem with no such thing as a free lunch


I want to do this but can’t get to the top of the Grabba where the character is that initiates the mission. All the videos start at that point but I just can’t get there. There is a launch pad but I can’t get anywhere near high enough to get to the next level of the building where he is.

Am I missing something?

Thanks for your time.

The very first jump pad in the building is connected to a small power box that is located right next to the pad. If you shoot the power box, the jump pad will become overcharged and it should launch you to the next level.

Thanks. Yes I iknow how to overcharge to gto the that level. However I search all around that level and the platform above and no sign of the guy that initiates the side mission. On the platform described there is another green launch pad which is there for a reasons I guess (to go to the very top level?) where the indicator suggests that the character is.

Hope that is clear.

Seem to be stymied.

Thanks again

That jump pad leads to a second jump pad. That second jump pad leads to the very top, where the character is.

Thanks again. For some reason, try as I may I cann’t get to the ledge at the top to gain access to the character.

Do I have to shoot the circuitry on the launch pad again? I tried that but always seem to fall short of the ledge??

Give yourself a boost after hitting the second jump pad. You should make it easily.

Yes, do this. Use your Oz kit to boost at the top of your jump.


Will give it another go and let you know.

Finally did it. Didn’t realise that you had to use first jump pad to go backwards to higher jump pad and then use that to get to correct level.

Thanks again.

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