Problem with skin obtained via mail from Moxxi

After getting all the Crimson Radio Towers, Moxxi sent me a purple skin via mail. After getting it and redeeming it, it didn’t show at the change station. I can’t get the skin back now, tried “resabotaging” a few towers and nothing.

There is a bug right now with skin and head redemption. Thankfully, they do seem to show up eventually. I had one that was missing for 2 days, then today I logged on and the quick change station said I had a new skin available, and lo and behold it was the skin that disappeared days earlier.

Was the skin for the character you play? I play Zane and she sent me a Fl4k skin, lll.

Mmm, you caught me, I think I read it was beastmaster, but I can’t recall for sure. I think I might just have assumed it was for Fl4k since I was playing beastmaster.

lol, i completed the crimson radio and when i go back to ascension bluff to finish some side missions, i still hear the cov promotional campaign and not the sounds of crimson. lol

Kinda late reply but I got the same problem on the Xbox. First I thought the skin was missing but after watching a recording, I actually got the skin for Fl4K instead of Amara.

I’m up to the same point with my Fl4K now hoping it will give me the Siren skin this time around.

So after some more digging online this seems to be completely bugged, handing out a random skin each time.

What’s weird is I got 2 skins each time: 2x Beastmaster and now 1x FL4K and 1x Moze.

Makes me wonder if the Claptraps are also bugged in some way because I also got 2x Baby Makers.