Problem with the Moxxi DLC

I bought and Downloaded the first DLC and wanted for the Hotfixes applied screen in the main menu but it still Shows the Poster. Id Love to get some help from anyone that knows how to fix this. I dont know if I get notifications here so it would be great if someone could dm me on Discord or PSN. My discord is NationStar#8442 and my PSN is NationXStar__. Thanks for trading this :slight_smile:

Moved you to the right section.

Can you do a quick check of something? Is there an option to start a DLC character at level 13 showing in one of the game menus?

The way the mission works first time is usually you interact with the poster, then go talk to Moxxi, then navigate via the bridge console. Some folks experience a hiccup where the poster seems to indicate you still need to buy the dlc, but clicking through that to the store page should show it as downloaded and you should be able to continue from there.

I got it now. For some weird reason I had to restart my ps4 to activate the DLC. Thanks for your help anyways :smiley: