Problem with the Repair Ships

I have damaged Scouts and Interceptors and the Repair Ships won’t repair them. Is this a known bug?

Tell the scouts to dock with them (select the scouts and right click on the support frigate). You can also hit D when you have ships selected and they will dock with nearby dock-capable ships, but the logic is a bit weird (they no longer stack-up and queue) and they may try to travel all the way back to the mothership if there aren’t enough berths in the nearby ships to accommodate their entire fleet.

Not 100% sure how repair corvettes work.

That worked. Thanks, but there should be some way to set the Repair Ship to Auto-repair so that you don’t have to micromanage everything.

Try having your repair units (corvettes, frigates, etc.) use the repair command (Y).

You can also hold down “Y” and do a band box around multiple ships to have your repair units spot repair and follow those ships around.

Sort of. In my experience, when I do this each Support Frigate chooses one vessel as the single ship its interested in repairing of the ships in that box and ignores the rest. This isn’t much of a problem, though, as I can micro-manage while paused. A much bigger problem is the range of Support Frigates (the range of their healing beam) has been shrunk so much that it takes them far too long to get to the ships that need the repair, and pathing becomes a real issue as they struggle to get close.

This doesn’t work at all. What actually happens is that the ships will pick a single ship within that selection (at random) and only follow and heal that ship.