Problem with the server (PC)

(Mx gopdng) #1

(sorry about bad english btw)

The server was East Asia, Can’t start any Private PVP game with over 9 peoples(I think?) bcause all the players get failure to communicating with the Battleborn server message, some players getting kicked cuz they failed communicating with the Battleborn server, and the match cancelled itself. The server was fine before 1/12, and we never got any kicks like this(while a player getting randomly disconnecting tho)

And some peoples can’t start solo game too, while some peoples can even with their friends, I didn’t check mine tho. However, I don’t think it’s not shutting down east asia server but glitch with the server.

(I heard other servers getting this glitch too)

(Is this thing on?) #2

If you have not done so already, please file a support ticket for this: