Problema con un glich o bug de audio

(Chingatron) #1

En dos mapas me sucede lo mismo. Es un ruido extraño que se escucha en cualquier parte del mapa, cómo electricidad en la cueva de Tina en tundra expres y en frostburn canyon se escucha como una puerta o golpeteo.
Ya reinicie el juego pero sigue pasando lo mismo, alguien le pasa? Cómo se soluciona esto, es que es un ruido muuuuy molesto.

(How much time do we have?) #2

Google translate says:

The first of those is a well-known bug in the audio which affects all platforms. There’s an easy (although it’s annoying you have to do this):

The Frostburn Canyon one I’m not sure about - I don’t recall hearing anything odd there. Is “knock” a good translation? I do know that sometimes running through parts of the map will trigger spiderant spawns in adjacent areas, and they have a range of sound effects that trigger when they are fighting bandits. I can’t immediately think of anything else though.