Problema para jogar borderlands 2

Praticamente toda vez que passo em frente de uma save no jogo o jogo trava e tenho que reiniciar. Jogo no Xbox one fiz crossave porém não consigo jogar devido a esse problema já desinstalei o jogo limpei cachê formatei o Xbox e fica na mesma tanto com os personagens do Crossave ou se eu fizer novos personagens.

Google translate:

“Virtually every time I step in front of an in-game save the game crashes and I have to restart. Game on Xbox one I did crossave but I can not play because of this problem I already uninstalled the game wiped formatted Xbox and stays the same with the characters of Crossave or if I make new characters”

It sounds like this might be an issue with your XBox if completely wiping and reinstalling the game does this. Are you saving directly to the internal hard drive?

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tenta upar o personagem do cross save pra nuvem ai se deleta ele no jogo e tenta
n sei se vai resolver maaas


At the moment yes but I have already switched to an external HDD. I do not think it is a problem in HD I believe that if it were the Borderlands and the Borderlands pre-sequel would also be with the same problem.

It depends on whether the issue is related to the drive mechanism or just bad sectors on disk.

When you say you “wiped formatted” the XBox, do you mean you did a full factory reset? You could try doing what @Tired_T1red suggests and just delete the local save data, then re-launch the game. The only other thing I can think of is to check that you don’t have any updates pending or paused for the game.

conseguiu jogar lele?

Não consegui o pior é que isso acontece só nesse borderlands que é oq mais gostei