Probleme mit dem Fotomodus

Kann mir wer sagen, wie ich den Auslöser im Fotomodus aktiviere ?
Verschiedene Seiten geben verschiedene Info´s.
Mal “Leertaste” oder “Z”.
Diese beiden kann ich nicht bestätigen, da passiert garnix.
Meine Steamtaste (F-12) geht ebenso wenig.

Google translate:

@Adabiviak - can you help out at all?

Let me see…

edit - is that German?
(Is Photo Mode available from the main menu):
Wenn Sie die Esc-Taste drücken, wird der Fotomodus angezeigt?

(Checking to see if the keyboard has an F-Lock that’s disabled):
Verfügt Ihre Tastatur über eine Funktionstaste, mit der die F-Tasten aktiviert werden?

Photo Mode and “P” (ingame quick key) ready !

Checking to see if the keyboard has an F-Lock that’s disabled.
No F-Lock

The pictures are stored in an odd folder:
C:\Users\Adabiviak\Documents\My Games\Borderlands 3\Saved\Screenshots\WindowsNoEditor

Do you see pictures in this folder on your computer?

Not my Folder :smiley:
But I can’t take pictures in BL-3.
My last picture comes from Fallout-4 and Grandia HD remaster.
I can see it, even if the uploading creates small problems.

I can’t take pictures in Borderlands-3 either. Only via the share button.

Share button… that sounds weird. Are you playing on a computer or an XBox, Playstation, or something else?

From the OP, looks like PC (no F12 on a console). Maybe it’s an issue with the keyboard layout not matching up with key bindings? PC’s not really my thing, but I gather from various posts here that non-default key bindings/keyboard layouts can have issues.

I don’t see a Share button (and as I type this, my game is crashing whenever I start to load a character, so I can’t check deeper menus to confirm).

Anyone on PC know of a share button?