Problems farming lady fist

Does a win win/ dynamic corrosive lady fist even exist? Farmed over 500 times no sign of it




The problem is simply one of math - between getting the right element and the desired accessory, you have to buck pretty long odds. Probably a little easier than getting the right Fibber (since you don’t have to worry about the barrel type) but there’s a break down of the variables here:


From personal experience - and I’ve farmed it loads and am well known for my hatred for this particular farm - I’ve never come across a perfect elemental Lady Fist.

I’ve gotten both Win-Win and Dynamic non-elemental with matching grip. And that took a substantial amount of time.
I’ve gotten all elements with matching grip, but no prefix. Also took a long time.

As VH stated and supported by his linked thread, non-elemental is heavily weighted (say 70% chance) as is no prefix (likely the same). So very small chance to get both.


My advice is to go with what you get, as long as it’s corrosive. Matching grip and the prefered prefix is nice and all, but it’s a rare find. A raaare find! Save yourself some headache, and put in those hours of farming when it really matters. The Lady Fist is really good in any form.


I can’t get a ladyfist and I’ve already complete the mission what should I do?

Did you hand the mission in to the Hyperion mail box (by the transition to Arid Boneyards) or TK’s niece (via the Bounty Board)? If it’s like the Rubi mission, whichever of those you interact with first will likely be the one you are deemed to have turned in to.

To quote Vipassana guru S.N. Goenka : Start again

The only way to get the mission again is to restart the entire story. So see if someone can trade or gift one to you.

What level gun do you need? What platform are you on?

I need a lvl 69 ladyfist on ps4

Sorry, I’m on xbox so cannot offer you one.