Problems getting actual downloaded content to work in my GOTY edition

Hi, love the game and have the GOTY edition which all works fine. But my Digistruct Park Raid and 11 levels that I’ve purchased, downloaded and installed off PS store aren’t being recognised by the game. So I’m stuck at level 61 and when I try to access Digistruct Peak it says I can’t because I don’t have the pack, and asks if I want to exit the game and download it, I put yes, just testing the option and it takes me to ps store, which it says is empty and loops back to the 2k logo and booting the game up again. The DLC tab on the main menu also says there is no DLC available when clearly there should be, the headhunter packs and all the rest. So I deleted everything except my save files and installed the base game again, and it still says there’s no dlc available in game, torgue/tina/scarlett etc are also not popping up there. But after that I reinstalled some of them and they appear fine in game, but once more Digistruct didnt. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers.