Problems I have with Borderlands 3

I love the game but there is a few things that drive me crazy.

  • Vehicles need to be GREATLY buffed based on Mayhem level. I usually don’t bother with them at all anymore. Forget trying to hijack one at mayhem 10. They get destroyed in seconds after you hop in.

  • Your saved vehicle seems to save randomly. Customize skin and outfit it with options and most of the time the next time you try to digistruct one it’s back to default. This problem mostly drove me nuts when I was doing the quest in Love and Tentacles where you needed to gather scary sounds by running over psychos. I made a truck with the bull bars and spiked tires. It kept getting destroyed in mayhem 11 because it’s about as armored as tissue paper. Every time I went to respawn it I was back to the buggy vehicle and I had to rebuild it every time.

  • One of Amara’s skills seems to target your vehicle. I think it’s the Indiscriminate skill. I always destroy my vehicle while fighting, even a short distance from it. I’ve watched the ricochet shots go strait at my vehicle, instantly destroying it.

  • Farming a particular anoint is so damn frustrating. I would love it if the anoint was actually part of the trinket and maybe only anointed things have trinket slots? I love farming but I’ve farmed days and never got the item with the correct element and anoint I was looking for.

  • No Mercenary Day event??? I love “How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day” in BL2.


Agreed on the vehicles thing. I actually had to switch off mayhem just to complete that quest. I also love bl3, but glass vehicles bug the hell out of me. Clearly Ellie miss-sells a lot.

Bring back Scooter!


Scooter got written out in tales of the borderlands. The guy who played him had to quit his job for health issues.

You can watch the scene on YouTube.

And I don’t want anyone else playing him… Just look at claptrap :sweat_smile:

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I don’t know. I wouldn’t mind another VA playing scooter if done right. Honestly I think David Spade/Joe Dirt would be perfect for the role.


scooter died before bl3…as he dies in tell tales i think it is which is placed between 2 and 3.

I will keep my list short for the problems I have with BL3.

  1. It crashes my console unlike BL1, BL2 and BLTPS

  2. The split screen co op is no where near as good and playable unlike BL1, BL2 and BLTPS

O hells yeah on the vehicles. The dj mission on Xylourgos is near impossible at high mayhem levels. Vehicles do almost no damage when hitting bandits (when you’re lucky enough that the impact doesn’t make the car explode). Trying to get a new one at the station in the middle of the canyon is also a joke because the vehicle will get destroyed literally the moment it digistructs. Same thing when hijacking; the moment you get in it explodes, and on the rare chance it doesn’t you can be sure all the bandits will have cryo weapons and freeze the car in place and THEN it will detonate under you.

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