Problems I notice:

I’d like to start this off by saying I love this game and have a lot of fun playing it. And would like to enhance and continue the experience kf myself and fellow players. I will be telling the story of a typical game going through Public Story Normal.

Let’s start this from the top.
We start by pressing the button. Automatically thrown into matchmaking, then choose map, and then choosing characters. This is where the first problems come up.
What happens: Matchmaking puts you in a group with 3 other people. You are level 70+, they are in grouped and between. Level 4-20. Great. They don’t quite have a suitable loadout or understanding of how the game works. Youre carrying. You choose the map. 2 pick Saboteur, one chooses The Algorithm, and you choose no preference. Cutscene. The person that chose The Algorithm disconnected and the level 5 in your group autolocked Alani. The other is waiting for you to pick somebody for their mastery. You chose Miko. They chose Kelvin. Game begins.
How it should be: press Public Story, choose your map, and then matchmaking. I don’t want to carry a team of inexperienced players through Saboteur anymore. Please for the love of god don’t let me do it again. I know there are people that are near my level matchmaking at the same time and definitely more than 5. Why am I matched with 3 new players? The character select is fine I guess. Whatever. Let’s continue.
Going through with Alani and Kelvin teammates. Alani Kelvin leaves somewhere in the middle and you and Alani fail the level because you’re carrying as Miko and she’s also a healer. Good job. You also dont get mastery credit because Kelvin left.
What I see wrong with playing through the levels. Why is there no feature that allows players to join your game after it has begun if they choose to do so?
Why can’t I flag players that leave games prematurely?
Why am I given the option to rejoin a game I voluntarily left. (I get it if people have disconnected).
If you’re given a good group and complete a map, why are you kicked out of the group instead of given the choice to stay with them?
Why don’t you matchmake and give us a full team as opposed to 3 players?
Why are the players matchmaked not even a good match? I would gladly wait up to 5 minutes for a similarly leveled team of 4 other players not including myself.
When playing through a game and you jump down from a high area and land on an enemy, or just find yourself on top of another enemy or ally, why are you stuck there bouncing and can’t do anything about it?
Why are you losing a crap load of health also?
Why when you charge a group of enemies they surround you and you’re again stuck trying to get out, likely jumping, landing on one, getting stuck, and dying. Why?
This game is incomplete and really needs fixing…

It’s not an option, it’s a punishment. Single games in Battleborn take long enough that if you leave you’re ruining the experience for other people for a while, and if people were allowed to just leave and hop into another game at their leisure, many would.


Isn’t that kind of the point of being the bad guys. You run into the middle of a mob of baddies and they surround you to kill you is sorta the point. They want to kill you and the best way to do so is block you in so you can’t escape and kill you.

About the whole “Taking way too much damage, bouncing on players etc, getting surrounded and dying”

Most of these, well all of these are something that comes from borderlands.I think the damage is a little high if you try to do advanced with 5 people in something like heliophage, it’s just not possible with random people. Other than that, well, the jumping thing is so you can’t jump on people, basically, if you jump on montana do some sort of walking glitch to stay on him and then like triple jump boost with benedict… you get the idea, it’s just easier to not have you able to jump onto enemies. best plan is to not try to jump over them.

As for the getting surrounded issue, two things. Most characters shouldn’t rush in, but there aree some that do, try tobe aware of the enemies around you. Secondly, and most importantly, the quick melee knocks people back, try that next time, works fantastically.

In most cases, at least with normal difficulty will similar experienced players, the damage is not that bad unless you are toby who’s shield gets one-shotted, giving him one less ability and reducing his damage by a lot. The enemies deal say 3 times the damage but so does your team, since you have 3 people versus 1. If the enemies didn’t deal more damage there wouldn’t be much of a challenge to story. It can get frustrating in maps where you have to protect something though, because if your teammates or yourself are off the ball you may just lose the mission within less than a minute

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I, uhm… I don’t think you should try that hard to carry. The Saboteur is easily carried with a big hero, you only need to stay in Nova’s gates to protect her from Varelsi scavens and Thrall bombers. I pick Montana to do this. And that’s basically the only place through all missions (I don’t mention the Heliofage) where the game requires, let’s say, much attention from you (= “to carry”). Ah, maybe the second escort in The Archive too, that’s why I build turrets there beforehand.

Players of level 4 to 20 are OK to do any mission on Normal if you have in mind those two things I mentioned. No need of “proper setup” or significant gaming experience for everyone.

And it’s OK that people leave, the game adjusts amount and strength of mobs to the number of players currently in the match.

Also there’s no “autolocking” in public PVE queue. You can choose the same hero if you want.

It’s not a punishment. It would only be a punishment if it gave you no other option except to rejoin the game you disconnected from. When in fact you can just hit the back button when the prompt comes up and rejoin matchmaking.

You can’t play a game until the one you left finished unless you rejoin yours.

That’s how PVP queue works. Are you sure PVE queue works the same way?

How? The game just lowers the difficulty when a player leaves.

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That’s not true for PvE. I know cuz I had some internet issues yesterday and got disconnected and was able to get into another PvE mission almost right away

Guess that only applies to pvp then.

somewhat redundant of a punishment since your team will most likely surrender because no one wants to 4v5 and thus allowing them to reque. :no_mouth:

Like button -Pushed- THE MOTTO!

I solo’d the Saboteur as Whiskey Foxtrot and got sliver on the first go. It’s really not all that hard. And that was before they buffed the health of power cores.

Do not compare soloing the Saboteur with a damage-dealer hero and doing it with two heroes both with support/healer builds. That’s irrelevant.

I got gold in Saboteur normal with Miko solo when I was Command Rank 15.

Advanced however… I just can’t push through the last defend position without Nova dying for some reason. I have silver or gold on advanced for every mission but Saboteur and I’ve only run missions solo.

The biggest issue I’ve come across personally is not having enough time to collect drops from some end bosses. Like in the Heliophage, once you drop Rendain, it ports you to the final location before you even have a chance to grab anything unless your in his face when he falls. Even then, you loose any bonus score or credits that pop.

I recommend avoiding Miko or Reyna in normal PVE missions when queuing solo. You don’t actually need a healer in these even when it’s scaled for five - almost everyone can support themselves, and some (like Galilea) absolutely don’t need you at all. You can’t realistically carry with the Valkyrie, and Miko isn’t much better off.

Ambra specced for damage makes a great choice if you want to offer support but also want the ability to carry an inexperienced team. She can effectively demolish a full five-person mission even if the others are just running in circles. See also: ISIC, Galilea, Alani, and probably a few other PVE superstars as well. (Rath, Mike…)

side note: I’ve completed the campaign several times as Reyna in the process of mastering her. It’s not awful , but it’s slow, not much fun and a bad team makes it even worse.

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Jeez. Why the tone? (Also, WF is hardly a damage dealer, I spec him to keep people off my ass)

Sorry, I was a bit irritated. The Saboteur has had hundred duscussions and your post provokes another one while beeing actually off-topic.

I’ve gotten top damage (140k) and healed for close to 50k while playing as miko. With gear and spec into the kunai poison spreading to enemies plus mushroom dealing damage miko can actually crush enemies. The crit damage on the knives is really good