Problems I'm experiencing

So I’ve found all locations 223 of 223, slaughter, proving grounds ect. No achiment has been unlocked. The only reason I got the other individual achiments is because I literally had to go through each locations on a planet in one sitting, because my locations reset after I log of of my game. This is frustrating. So I’m fine with this. I’m sure a hotfix will come out. Rolling eyes. Problem #2 I’m not seeing those ! Mark’s for mission givers in eden 6.floodmoor basin and ambermire. I’m 7/8 on floodmoor. ??? So many oddd issues I want 100%

Not sure what the locations achievement problem is - I actually got the ‘all locations’ before any of the planetary ones. I did eventually get them all to trigger. The only thing I know for sure is that it has to all be the same character in the same mode.

Certain missions are initiated by quest givers elsewhere than the map the quest takes place on. Not sure which missions you are missing in those locations - there’s a list here:

If you can ID the ones you need, someone may know where you can pick that mission up.

Yea my problem is since I’m experiencing bugs I’m worried that I might of missed a couple side missions due to them disappearing or ect. You can correct me if I’m wrong but is it possible to miss side quests? Like due to hamerlock going to the lodge in dlc 2. Would that effect him not being where he should be? Like Jacob’s estate. Thanks. I’m gonna do all the side missions I an amble to and see what happens. :+1:

No. The quest givers can obviously show up in the DLC locations, but the DLCs are treated as separate instances from the game as far as NPCs are concerned. So Hammerlock and Wainwright (for example) can simultaneously be on Xylourogos and Eden 6.

Some of the side quests can be a bit flakey - the Baby Dancer one from Claptrap seems to be a bit of a pain (may depend on platform though).

Anyway, if you can identify from the interactive map link I gave you which side missions you haven’t done yet, one or more folks may be able to tell you where to look for the quest giver.

I dont remember doing this certain hammerlock mission I looked up on youtube but cant find it anywhere on the map

Do you know the mission name?

Yea “malevolent practice”

Here is my devil’s razor at the bottom same issue

prometha bugged as well

Ok according to this - which seems correct from personal recollection - you’ll need to talk to Hammerlock either on Sanctuary III in his quarters (same side as Maurice and further aft) if he isn’t in the lodge at the top of the peak in Floodmoor Basin (Eden 6).

My guess - since it looks like you’ve completed main story already? - is that he’s on Sanctuary III.

Your right in hes in s3 but doesnt offer any missions. Welp maybe I dont have to do that one lol.

I propobly already did that one. It’s just confusing since the tracker is meessed up. Thanks for helping me.

Now on thebdrougthe droughts it says 8/8 but I have a missions available

And when I went there it just disappeared

Yeah, that happens. I think it’s when a quest giver may be at that particular location at some point in the story, but you’ve already passed that point. The whole thing is a bit wonky tbh.

Judging by the location, that’s the spot where you find Claptrap the very first time you head in to the Droughts from the temporary raiders HQ, right where the broken Marcus Vending Machine is. It’s where you get the Antennae side quest, although I think you can end up with that by finding one of the antennas anyway.

I just counted I did 72 side missions and no achiment. It still says I’m 7/8 in eden 6 though. ect. Maybe they will fix it one day but until then I’m gonna quit bl3. The only thing I can think of is someone like you enter into my lobby and see for your self.

K I see a mission called stacked. I’m 94/95 pray that this is my last one

I think that’s “Sacked”, and it’s the one you pick up when you find the dead butler in the main house then unlock his secret recording. Going through from there you find various clues in the staff quarters, and eventually you have to go find the last survivor who knows where the evidence is. I usually do that along side the main story (Lair of the Harpy) since it’s easier to do them together.