Problems Killing Wilhelm

I am a solo player who is stuck. Whenever I regenerate Wilhelm has full shields, there are around 6 + planes and about the same with other bots. In addition I am low on ammo. Currently only Level 16. Never ever been on co-op. If this is an option how do I launch this and would it stop me continuing in solo?

Do the missions for tiny Tina until you get her teapot it’s a corrosive only dah pistol

To answer your last question, playing solo versus co-op doesn’t affect your progress: if you complete the mission co-op then, as long as you quit properly so the game saves, you should be able to resume solo from where you left off. I’ll let someone who is on Steam talk about how you open your game up, because I don’t know that stuff.

Given the current number of enemy “adds” you’re looking at, I’d say there’s no harm in taking the one-way fast travel out so as to gear up and restock. @Piemanlee is right about the Tiny Tina mission reward being helpful (“You are Cordially Invited”), but it can be a bit long.

Wilhelm should be beatable at level 16 - I’ve done it at level 14 - but experience always makes things easier! Make sure you have both corrosive AND shock weapons available to you before you go back; a decent rocket launcher and/or a Torgue AR also make this faster. Oh, and fire is good on Wilhelm once his shield is down.

The trick with this fight is to focus on Wilhelm as much as possible; if he’s damaged, or his shield is down or low, the surveyors (the flying things) will tag up to him, making them much easier to take out. The faster you can get back to pounding Wilhelm as hard as possible, the better. You can kite him around the ice pile and train cars in the middle of the map, which provide some cover while you reload. Make sure you stay away from the cliff edge on the side (where W. sometimes runs to in order to spawn more bots) - he can easily knock you back over the edge. If you can, leave at least one or two of the regular loaders for second winds should you need them, but take out any black-and-yellow striped ones with extreme prejudice.

You don’t say which character you’re playing: there are some additional tactics which are specific to different characters. Hope the above is still helpful!

I did not know that! So he’s considered more human than robot apparently; I’d assumed that he was best damaged with corrosive.

@knighm, I’d agree with the suggestion to retreat, restock, and try again. I was in a similar situation on my second character and just barely scraped out a win. Which ironically leveled me to 17 where the new skill point would have made the fight utterly trivial (Maya, picking up Cloud Kill).

General tips not already mentioned - grenades. If he looks like he’ll be holding still for a bit, try to get a grenade or two onto him. Tesla would probably be ideal to beat down his shield and that of any surveyors hovering on him, but acid would also help take out nearby loaders or surveyors quickly, and apparently fire is the way to go on Wilhelm himself if the shield is down. Whatever you have, really, any way you go it’s a nice chunk of additional damage.

And like VaultHunter101 said, stay mobile. It’s surprising how much damage one can dodge in this game. I guess the AI isn’t any better at hitting a moving a target than we are. :smiley:

I was pretty sure Wilhem resisted fire? Have to try him again to make sure!

My strategy is often to hide by the fast travel until he starts attacking you there, at which point dodge out. He tends to run off in order to construct surveyors and that distracts his attention so it’s a good time to to pound him with as much damage as possible.

His surveyors are often good for second winds too.

If you’re looking for a co-op partner for revives feel free to add me, I think I have characters about that level.

Keep at it!