Problems on Day 1? So what..?

MOST, if not just about 99% of games that launch on day 1 have some kind of server/high demand/game code/distribution issues. Calm down… Seriously… Whether it be your BAR didn’t carry over or you’re waiting for your 75 golden keys and 5k BAR loyalty bonuses to come in, just be patient. Expect unexpected problems to arise… In the next few days things will get straightened out. No need to make 3-10 posts about it to attempt to get Gearbox’s attention. Just enjoy the game… srsly

Agreed. We have such complicated games nowadays that it’s hard get it all perfect on release day. Many unforeseen things can happen. And publishers can probably be demanding.

So what? Are you kidding me. The day one patch is 8 GB, that means GBX was well aware of the fact the game has bugs but they release it anyway. An 8gb download the first time I put the game in? That is flat out

It’s not just gearbox though the gaming industry is full of this behavior. We’ve essentially become beta testers for these companies.

It’s unacceptable in my opinion. You are paying 60 dollars for a game it should work especially some of the more essential functions like cloud transfers.

You’re telling me you have no problem with paying for a product where the company may or may not fix it’s bugs?

All I can say is thank goodness vg manufacturers don’t make cars cause they’d be out of business with all the lawsuits they’d have in their hands.

You can argue that games are more complex these days but they’ve got teams to work on the game not two people they should have most of the bugs ironed out before release. These kinds of bugs weren’t an issue back in the ps2/xbox days there is no reason why it should be an issue now.

Just because most consoles are connected to the Internet these days doesn’t give them the right to release a glitchy game just to patch it on the release date.

Honestly I would be embarrassed I’d I were GBX, an 8gb day one patch is absolutely ridiculous. Last of Us single player was 10gb just to give you an idea of how big this patch is.

While I have no complaints myself other than the size of the patch I think everyone has the right to complain about problem (x) , it gives the company feedback and allows them to fix problems with the software if no one complained why would they fix anything?


I’m gunna go out on a limb here and guess you’re talking about the patch for TPS. You are aware that most of that was for the Claptastic Voyage DLC, right? Yeah, they could’ve put that on the disc as well… which leads to my next point

Also, part of making a game is actually creating the disc itself. If you’ve mass produced a disc for an upcoming release and after that fact the developers come across a some bugs. What would you do? Would you take the money and time to make the disc all over again just to fix those bugs or would you just release an update for the release day?

Of course, there is also a large difference between the servers and networking for an inhouse beta test and the actual live servers the game hits on release.There will always be issues in that sort of transition, it’s just the nature of the beast. What I’m saying is, some issues wont crop up until things go live no matter how much you test or torture it.

I’m not trying to argue with ya bub, but there seem to be a fewt higns you didn’t take into account. Does it suck that it is the way it is? Sure it does, but think about how much more it sucks for the ones that released it. Not only do they have to listen to their bosses complain, but they have to listen to the fans get bitchy. Again, nature of the beast though… what can ya do really lol

Okay, but this isn’t heading anywhere positive either, is it?