Problems signing into shift code account

So when i try and sign into my shift code acc. from the borderlands 3 game. It says im allready signed in and can not have another account signed in at same time. Im so confused because there are two options sign in or new account. I allready used my shift code on my phone on shift code page it went through, and i can log into my account on my phone but not my ps4 system.

Same thing.
Plus, I haven’t received any rewards from the insiders program or the pre-order bonus.

Epic Games has no idea either what is happening.

@lavadog Hey man I found a way to fix it.
I have unlinked my account with Epic from Shift and used the in-game system to sign back in.
This way, when I entered the game, I was able to download all my items.

Hope this helps!

So did you unlink your shift threw gearbox on your phone or console

I am playing from PC but basically what I did was to go ahead and unlink my account from the actual platform was using to play the game. In this case, for me on PC, it was Epic.

Then I used the login ingame system.