Problems with Amara Damage output

Hello people,
I’m not sure where the issue is with my Amara but i could need some help here.
First here is my build and gear at the moment:
Bangstick (408x9, radiation)
Raisens Thorns (1066x2, corrosive)
Schocking AAA (509x2, schock)
Krovvy Lyuda (1058, no element)
Some other legendary weapons that feel way worse than these 4.
Phasezerker as class mod and a melee elemental damage aritfact because i havent gotten anything else so far.
I hope you guys can help me out, i dont do any Damage to for example Gravewarden on mayhem 3, whereas my friends with several other characters outdamage me so hard with just normal gear at level 50.I tried many other builds and this one is the “best” so far.
Am i missing something. stacking passives with phasegrasp without target to 99 and then firing away.
Comparing this to all the Videos on YouTube is just an insanely different experience. I need round about 15minutes for Gravewarden with really good mayhem mods (+50% sniper dmg and more weapon damage for example)
Thanks a lot,

Your build is ok, since you are using Phasegrasp I’d put the points from Laid Bare or From Rest into Wrath since PG doesn’t proc the former and the latter just isn’t very good with any of your weapons (or in general, tbh).

Graveward resists every element besides incendiary (and kinetic/NE) and the Roisen’s deals dual elements but its not really effective on Graveward.

The Lyuda should make relatively quick work of him tbh, maybe you won’t get a flashy insta-kill like those youtube speedkills but it shouldn’t take 15 minutes especially with positive modifiers.

You will want to keep around a decent variety of NE/incendiary weapons that can kill him in a relatively short time 'cause of Mayhem modifiers.

There’s a pretty extensive list of weapons that can kill GW relatively decently, the Top Gear for Amara thread should be a good start as a reference point for what to look out for.

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Most the fast GW youtube videos have a few things going on, anointed gear with +200 to 300% damage after phaseslam/cast, and they shoot their feet to get dots on them and get the elemental projectors going.

Then they do it 100 times or more to practice getting the crits right while sliding and not fall off the map

Roisen’s Thorns should NOT be double. The double only works on the center (corrosive shot) not any of the 4 outside ones.

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Thanks a lot guys i guess i will try to perfect my build with your suggestions.
To the Lyuda, with critting a good amount of my shots the fully extended sniper ammo is out whereas GW still has about 70% of his life. Thats what gets me confused in the first place.
I will try and get some good incendiary weapons and see where that gets me.

Edit: should i be farming at a lower mayhem level to get quicker kills?
I also have level 50 incendiary vanquisher and westergun. Both seam to deal no damage at all to GW. Other bosses and mobs seemed to be fine yesterday.

Great advice from vanaria32. As Derch said the Utubers are using exploits. You don’t need to go thru all the trouble. I can down Gravy in a very short time with the right gear as Amara. What platform are you on?There are a lot of members here that will help you out with gear.

I’m on PS4, good idea to get linked with some players but since the background of borderlands actually is farming i will do just that, maybe on Mayhem 1/2 if im too slow.
I will just look for some good weapons amd maybe a better artifact.
Thanks for your kind help guys!

Well… If you ever want a little help with gear I have a ton for Amara. I use an Anointed Annexed Fire Lyuda with the 130% damage to Badass/Boss ASE. An Anointed Fire Xroad with same anointment. Throw in a fire Skeksil and you will own Gravy. His mechanics are pretty simple once you figure them out. I have a few spares hangin around. Skeksil is under rated and can be easily farmed by killing Skrakk. Send a FR anytime.

Since you are using a non elemental lyuda and you are stacking a lot of elemental damage, you wont do a whole lot of damage. One way to partly fix this is to spec into infusion for the 40% elemental conversion. You can also target your build specifically for graveward by speccing out of things like bullet ricochet that you wont need, and instead spec them into skills that directly increase your damage like wrath and personal space.

Nope, I just explained the mechanics they were using. None of that was exploits.

My goal is to get many sorts of good elemental weapons so i dont need the conversion skill. Maybe i will actually ask somebody to give me a good incendiary lyuda of some sort to get it going.
Guess the topic is closed.

Ok…fair enough

I just wanna point out GW is not the only boss you can easily/quickly farm.
He is more annoying and has higher health than gigamind for example.

Thanks for the note, but for me GW was just an example and besides that he drops the Lyuda as far as i know?

Lyuda is a world drop.
Drops anywhere.

You can get a Lyuda by completing Zero’s quests. Not sure if he drops elemental ones though. I got a non-elemental from him so I’m not sure.

I got a Frost Lyuda from Zero’s quest.