Problems with Attikus

There’s a lot to tackle so I’m just gonna make a list personal pros/cons from my experience.

(I’d love it if this feedback would make it to the devs, it’s only out of love and respect that I offer this constructive criticism. I’m a tad biased admittedly since Attikus is my favorite character.)

Let’s start with the PROS

  1. He looks damn good, having one of the more unique physiques among the Battleborn.

  2. Crazy CC on his ultimate when enhanced by stacks.

  3. With the right Helix he can be pretty effective.

  4. His late game is very good.

  5. His glorious Cockney accent.

…and now the CONS

  1. 1 He collides with everything from allies, minions, stairs, the environment there isn’t one thing I haven’t managed to get myself stuck on for EXTENDED PERIODS OF TIME as this tubby bastard. Collision is a universal problem, but with Attikus and his heavyset friends, it’s downright infuriating.

Solution: Allow Battleborn to phase through objects that aren’t meant to obstruct players, ex: an arch over a door should not prevent me from walking through it. Throw me a bone, I just wanna walk through a hallway for crying out loud.

  1. 2 Unreliable Leap due to collision problems mentioned above. Often times I will try to engage or escape with my leap, but even when my marker says I’m all clear for landing, Attikus will often end up colliding with the environment on the way there and not even land at the location he’s supposed to.

Solution: During his leap, make his model phase through objects so he actually lands where he’s meant to land. You could go the extra mile and make him bulldoze his way through the terrain, particle effects and everything but that’s way more work…don’t do it, seriously. EDIT: Also to make it less disorienting for the player, you could switch his leap into 3rd person to make it less vomit inducing.

  1. 3 He cannot tank due to incredibly poor sustain early to mid game, which goes completely against his designated role as a defender. He’s meant to disrupt the enemy, scare them off and hold the line. As he is now, he gets locked down very quickly and blown up as soon as he tries to apply pressure.

Solution: There’s a couple of things you could do, you could give him better damage mitigation, some form of CC immunity (especially on his ult) or increase his lifesteal. A combination of those things preferably.

  1. 4 His melee attacks are incredibly slow, he has incredibly short-range (duh), an incredible movement speed penalty when attacking and on top of all that he gets flung all over the place.

Solution: Treat him and other heavier characters similarly to Krieg in Borderlands 2. I remember reading somewhere that to make Krieg more playable as a melee character you increased his weight so he wouldn’t get knocked around as much, making it much easier to lock down enemies with a flurry of melee attacks.

Also maybe ease up on Attikus’ movement speed penalty when punching, he needs that extra movement.

In closing, I’d like for this feedback to result in Attikus becoming the monstrous tank he truly deserves to be. Beating foes back and leading the rebellion against all who stand against him, let’s make this thrall a TRUE member of the Battleborn!

I’m sure other Attikus players have problably experienced some of the same problems I have, but if there’s something I missed, feel free comment about it. If you read this far, I appreciate it.

Have a nice day and may your kneecaps remain inside your body~


I agree with everything, i also hate if his jump makes him hit the environment he gets stunned. Like what the hell is that?

Haha, yeah his leap can be pretty clunky, but on the bright side it has a lot of range. So if they fix it, it’ll be incredibly handy!

This is a beta after all so stuff like that is to be expected.
However it’s up to us to make sure we give proper feedback so these things can be changed possibly right? :smiley:

Collision needs fixing, but he seems like he should be an in and out playstyle as opposed to I’mma run in an beat everyone to death

Also wanted to add that when he leaps, you get disoriented yourself because of how rapid and unsmooth the leap is.

This is great stuff man, he needs better design than anything. So much controversy in this character. Thanks for this post.


Well, you’re not wrong. At the moment it’s safer to run away after you’ve done as much damage as you can as Attikus, but it makes no sense for a beefy thrall to shy away from a fight.

His traits on the offical site are Brawler and Disruptor. He doesn’t do either of those things all that well so I feel like they should focus on making him better at dealing with crowds. :smiley: Since that’s what a defender specializes at usually.

EDIT: (UNLESS we’re talking about his charged ultimate which results in eternal juggling if done right, but that’s on a 70 second cooldown)

Very true, it’s unnaturally quick especially since it’s in first person perspective!

I could have talked about balance issues with his Helix, skills and etc, but I feel like right now we have to focus more on what’s intrinsically wrong with him.

Haha thank you for the feedback, appreciate it! :smile:

Hey, I shared your post onto my Tier page, I hope you don’t mind at all. I just feel like this hits the mark on the flaws of attikus.

'Course not, go right ahead!

I’m glad someone else mentioned the warpy jump. If you aim almost straight up it’s a little better but with the name Leap you expect more arc naturally.

I think he should have some inherent lifesteal or at least better movement speed, something to be more survivalist. I didn’t test his charged hook move much I want to know if it’s worth using more.

The hook does massive damage but in PvP it is useless. It has a charge time of several seconds and it slows you down to a crawl while charging, and while holding a charge. Enemies can simply walk away from you…walk…not sprint. I was one shotting large crystals with it trying to to see how much damage it would do, and I was getting non crits of 300+

Ah I see, that’s why I didn’t use it was the time to charge. I still wonder if at least leading with a half charge is a good idea, I could probably lead with that in most encounters.

I would try opening with a full charge. Try to sneak behind someone while they’re occupied. It was semi successful.

I found the charged punch did come in kinda handy against turrets and accelerators. Being able to walk around the corner with an immediate coupla-hundred damage in your pocket really cuts down the length of time you have to stand in front of a turret, and I don’t think the charge-up rate cares about the accelerator’s big attack speed debuff.

Through experimenting, I figured out that the charging time for Attikus’ right hook is directly related to your attack speed. So technically the debuff does harm it a bit, but not enough to matter greatly.

I confess that i tried Attikus for PvE and bot matches and really liked him. His leap is finicky sure, got into the habit of jumping before using it but would often land in the wrong place or be unable to find whatever i knocked back. Amazing punching damage though, no mitigation but powerful HP regen and damage debuff with lifesteal from chain lightning! Chain lightnings fun. Wish Boldur had chain lightning :frowning: boldur is magic… Definitely my 2nd pick for brawler.

Strange, because I’ve been playing Attikus quite a bit lately, and I’ve used him to deadly efficiency, even topping the score-boards sometimes.

His problems are there, but I think you might be overexaturating them a bit.

I mastered Attikus, nowhere did I say I do terrible with him. Just pointed out issues I had with him mechanically, his kit’s aight it’s just very gear dependent.

He’s no defender though, he’s an assassin that happens to be tanky enough to get out after killing off a player or two.

(I realized this was a bold claim, so I later went into matchmaking for proof instead of just spouting drivel.)



Has anyone tried Attikus in Capture maps or meltdown? if so, is he good?

He’s better off in longer games, imo. Capture heavily favors front loaded characters. Attikus needs attack speed, Tenacity and some helix choices to make his really go nuts. Capture you just go nuts and snowball like crazy.