Problems with Benedict and Marquis

Recently I’ve started to begin playing Marquis again and also started to play more Benny since I’ve been kinda neglecting him. There are two major issues that have been bugging me and I’m really wondering why they haven’t been fixed considering the amount of changes these two characters have received.

Firstly, Marquis magical disappearing bullets. This is a huge issue with Marquis and it happens very, very often. You clearly hit something but for some odd, mythical, space-time breaking reason, the bullet doesn’t register and you miss out on 200+ pts of damage. This can cost kills, last hit on thralls, assists, etc. This character has received 3 nerfs, which admittedly were necessary, and hasn’t had a problem like this fixed.

Now for Benedict. Some people will probably disagree with me simply for the fact that it’s Benedict I’m talking about but hear me out. He suffers from the same issue as Marquis does, though it doesn’t happen as often, and the reload glitch where you reload back to 5 rockets and it jumps to only 1 rocket. There would be times where I’m firing rockets into lane and just out of nowhere, one would randomly disappear without even exploding mid-air. I’m not sure how long that one’s been there but I’ve only started to notice it more recently. As for the reload speed bug, this one is extremely annoying. As soon as the 5 jumps back to 1, you can only fire one rocket or just reload them all back and hope it doesn’t happen again. It ends up being damage lost when this happens. As with Marquis, this character has also received a lot of changes but hasn’t had bugs that negatively affect performance fixed.


Might it just be a case of lag?

Nope. I rarely ever lag or experience lag spikes.

I’ve had this issue too but with Reyna. I was shoot at a thrall point blank and see no damage numbers.

I don’t know if this is related but I can consistently make permafrost not activate when using chomp with Kelvin. It’s super annoying when I accidentally do it and could lead to my death.

Maybe it’s an issue with several gun characters. I just know it hurts Marquis a lot since it happens so often.

I don’t play Kelvin, but in the very few times I have, I’ve never noticed any issues with Permafrost.

I can make permafrost not activate intentionally and consistently. If Kelvin deactivates sublimate and immediately chomps, the chomp will not activate permafrost.

I don’t know how long the Reyna problem has been going on for as I’ve only been playing her recently for my platinum but she definitely has ghost bullets.

Hmm… I wonder who else has issues like this then. I think Ghalt used to have them but that was fixed.

I bring this up every time I’m involved in a serious discussion about Marquis performance (doesn’t come up as often as you’d think) and have never seen a single response from the dev’s acknowledging that it even exists or they’re looking into it.

I’m not using this as an excuse to dump on the dev’s abilities. I’m just legitimately convinced they believe this isn’t a real thing and are just passing off the magical disappearing bullets as lag or misses.

I’ve never noticed it with other characters, but Marquis is in a fairly unique situation with his low fire rate and dependency on accuracy. Unlike auto firing characters you pay attention to every shot you take and when it misses it’s very noticeable. This could very well be a much bigger issue with the games mechanics if it’s happening to other characters as well.


I figured they could be mistaken for this but it’s very, very hard to believe. Marquis is a hitscan sniper and it’s blatantly obvious when a shot doesn’t hit its perfectly aimed at mark. Interestingly enough though, I don’t think this happens with his pistol. It might just be an issue with his sniper being hitscan.

Ghalt had an interesting issue where his shotgun would disappear after using his ult. I haven’t played ghalt in a long time so I don’t know if it’s been resolved.

That still happens. It doesn’t affect his performance but it’s hilarious.

His pistol has a better fire rate and fires from the hip, if a bullet does every disappear it’s a lot easier to pass it off as a miss. That’s just my way of saying I’ve never noticed it on the pistol either.

My first dozen or so games with Marquis it was very easy to assume disappearing bullets were just missing. Around game 140 with him it’s a lot easier to claim, “alright now, that Montana was standing still!”

Who else in the game uses Hitscan? Anyone? Maybe it’s as simple as the mechanics for that not meshing.

Yeah I get the disappearing bullets all the Damn time. Its especially noticeable when I’m getting thralls

I 100% believe that the hitscan in this game is generally messed up, most likely because of how rare it is. I think it actually may just be him. Probably wrong on that though

Reyna and Ghalt seem like they’d be hitscan.

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The only reason I even think it’s just him (and his rifle specifically) is the Marquis head glitch thing in combination with reading it very early on in reddit. It’s basically unfounded for the most part, so you’re likely right. I suppose an easy way to test is on AatTR, with the shard across the entire map. @wisecarver, I believe you did some tests a while back. Any results with Reyna and Ghalt?

Ghalt would likely take a lot of tries due to accuracy of course

Didn’t try those two, it’s very ranged so I doubt Ghalt’s shots will hit.
With Reyna you might want to try with a recoil gear.

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Hmm. Even if Marquis is the only hitscan, I wonder why it would happen to Reyna who’s very close to hitscan or a full on projectile character like Benedict.

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Beatrix has the PZ issue. There are times where you miss and don’t end up applying it to your ally. The targeting is a little wonky like Reyna’s used to be, but it’s fine, whatever. If it would just apply it to yourself in these cases i’d live with that and take advantage of it being on me. But i’ve seen several times where it just goes to neither the ally i was aiming for or myself, and goes on CD

I’ve had that happen as well. It’s pretty annoying but PZ is on a low cd so I don’t really pay much attention to it.