Problems with Benedict and Marquis

Once i used patient 0 on rath but our kelvin jumped while the pz effect was flying to rath and kelvin got it…

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Ghalt isn’t - just really fast pellets - but I’m fairly certain Reyna is.

Really wish the devs could a at least say they are looking into this. I’ve had this happen to me so many times playing Marquis.


Psh, just aim and account for getting bodyblocked at any moment. Easy peasy. (Kidding)

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Its not just melee characters. In PvE at least, there are times when you simply cannot hit an enemy. My friend and I have been doing the montana op for skins. It seems most pronounced in this op, but sometimes they just stop taking damage. I was reyna unloading on a varelsi hunter, and my friend was shayne. We were both just walking around unloading everything into it… skills, melee attacks, reyna’s pulse and laser pistol, none of it did anything. Then, suddenly it was back to normal and we killed it.

That sounds like the server decided to run like potato for you and fixed itself

I’ve had this happen too, usually at the spot right before you jump down into the final big area (the “Nova thinking” area) before the boss battle.

Problem is, the game has no indication of when you actually do experience lag, other than things acting funny. Other games often have some kind of indication when you’re suffering from packet loss and latency spikes but Battleborn has none. So then you just end up using a skill that doesn’t actually work while the game claims that you are still “green bar”.

The servers the game uses are garbage and even on an otherwise good connection you will experience lag. That, or the game engine itself is so inherently flawed and bugged that it keeps randomly breaking when trying to do the most basic actions. Or both. Which is unfortunately a true possibility too.


With Benedict 80% of the time that I reload cancel, that rocket ends up costing me 2.


  1. Empty clip
  2. Reload 2 rockets and fire the second immediately after the UI tells me I have 2 rockets loaded.
  3. Back to empty clip.

I think the UI just shows you have a rocket before it is actually loaded, which is ■■■■■■■ annoying.
As a result I only ever fire as Benny from a full clip. DPS is shafted by needing to reload twice for every rocket.

Don’t notice the Marquis thing often. I’m probably just used to it, though.


I guess that also explains the disappearing flashbangs…


One thing i’ve noticed in the game is some hidden frames and poor quality hit boxes. I can’t bring anything to call off my head, you just see them whilst playing. I’ve played Thorn as my main and when sniping you can clearly see the arrow not make it to the target due to something. This may be around explosions or just other anomalies. The big Thrall are a good example, they have really bad hit boxes and i even got stuck on one last night and it dragged me along. I’ve noticed on some walls and steps where you can sprint into an invisible block without moving forward.

So possibly the reason is hit box issues and other environmental blocks flying around?

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Was that me? I feel like that was me. :yum:

Parkour kelvin. It was actually you.

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I get it here and there and it is from lag, not net lag either. you can be running at a green bar and still get lag which I’m not sure if it has to do with server or frame lag. some of us have brought up the issue since some are getting it worse than others.

I’ve had this happen as well. As far as I can tell, it’s because PZ is a projectile that will “land” on either a friendly player (a rambunctious Kelvin, for example) or a solid surface (floors, walls, pillars, etc). If it happens to “land” on the latter (because the target ran around a corner, for example), then it is wasted.

I actually kind of like this aspect of it since it requires a bit more targeting and timing skill and/or better teamwork, but can definitely empathize with the frustration.

Marquis isn’t hitscan. His weapon fires a projectile, which is a joke and one of many reasons why this game will never be taken seriously.

Marquis’ pistol has projectile speed, his rifle is hit scan.

It doesn’t. People can sidestep it and walk into it. It’s a projectile.

Yes he is. Or at least his rifle is hitscan. I used to think it wasn’t hitscan as well until I realized how common his ghost bullets are. [quote=“Sedinus, post:38, topic:1556266, full:true”]
It doesn’t. People can sidestep it and walk into it. It’s a projectile.

No they can’t. I’ve tried this tons of times and they’ve all missed.

Do you have any proof? Any video or anything?