Problems with Bloody Harvest

Hey I can’t seem to get the first quest or even activate the stupid dlc

You need to locate Maurice in Sanctuary III.

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I did but al he says is dialogue

And I don’t get a quest

Might be a stupid suggestion but did you check your available side quests? It could have been initiated and over ruled by a main story dialogue that auto finalized acceptance of the side quest… So he doesn’t give it out again because you have to complete steps first.

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Me too Maurice isn’t functioning right support help please

You have to kill some enemies to get it to start

I looked at them and no new quest showed up I’m playing on PlayStation could thAt be the issue?

I am playing on playstation. Works fine.

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Go to the main character screen … If you don’t see ghosts … Wait a minute once you see ghosts load back in and you should be ok

Sounds odd but the patch only added the dlc it’s a hotfix that unlocks it and loading in too quick can cause it to not unlock


Same. In TVHM the quest and NPC don’t appear. Moreover, while playing in Normal Mode at least 25% of my Ghost kills aren’t counted.

Ooooh I see thank you

Heads up…There is a bug going on here. If you talk to Maurice without accepting the mission, save and quit, when you return he no longer offers the quest. Will try killing some ghosts to see if that helps. Not in quest screen anymore either. Definately online with patch applied.

Damn that sucks I hope they fix it soon

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So if I do not accept the mission from Marcus does that mean that I do not have to even bother playing Bloody Harvest? Can I just go on playing BL3 in its present condition and forgo Bloody Harvest? After reading all of the negative posts on this new game, I probably don’t want to bother with it. It would be different if the game could be played as a separate mission. My understanding is that it infiltrates into all of the other parts of the game.

Unfortunately… Not while you are online. If you play offline without the hotfix you should have the game in it’s original form. I think. If you see the loadout screen change to the Halloween theme then you are online and will have ghosts in your game.

thanks for the reply, even though it is not right.

Well… That helps. Maybe you could elaborate so we all know.

I do not think it is right to force you into playing Bloody Harvest. You should have a choice. BL2 had the seasonal missions that were stand alone. They did not infiltrate into the entire game. I enjoyed those games. Some players have enough to handle with the game as it is with out having to be forced to deal with more. I thought that was the reason you could play normal or TVHM. Or the fact that you could choose to play Mayhem 1,2,or 3 depending on what way YOU want to play the game and enjoy. You also have the opportunity to be able to disable Mayhem if so desired. Here they are telling you that either play this or go offline.

Good grief…I wasn’t voicing an opinion. I was just relaying how it works. Online you get ghosts. Offline maybe not. Your choice.