Problems with Calderius

First off, I wanna say, he’s my third favorite character, and he’s awesome, but there are some problems with him

Most important: Ultimate. His aerial assault is a fantastic move, but if you touch something while activating it, it deactivates and gets 1/2 to full cooldown before you can use it again. This makes it unusable in certain areas in story and certain areas in PvP. Really want this to not happen

Melee: energy blade. Okay, I may be wrong on this, butt from my experience with dashing into a half health galilea and then proceding to have a melee encounter all without being attacked by outside sources and dying while she had more than 1/4 of her health left, I feel like the fact that his melee exists is irreelevant. His gun does more dps at melee range. Please, someone tell me if I’m insane or he really does have a rather weak melee. I’m not saying it would need a big buff, deffinitely below 10%, but from my experience within story and PvP, the left trigger is useless for calderius.

Flash grenade: Doesn’t need to be changed, but until you get the upgrades for it, it seems lacking. I would like personally for the blindness to last longer or for it to deal a bit more damage ONLY before it morphs, no changes needed to barrage, never use mirv so i do not know about that mutation.

Special ability: double jump. Until you add the lateral movement, this ability is useless. I rarely ever jump in the wrong direction so far thatt i need to click the button again to change the direction, and it really doesn’t increase your travel distance unless you jump from reeeally high. It’s not very smooth when activated either, and often reduces accuracy while firing. The mutations are great for it though. Superb. I only wish it started with a little more lateral movement.

Basically, while calderius is a great character overall, he is really weak at the start of the match compared to other dps, like Shayne and Aurrox, Bennedict, pheobe, orendi, even Galilea if you consider her dps, since her dps is good. I can’t find myself wanting to play him over these characters for reasons related to how good he is, only that I like how he plays. I’m sure some people agree and some don’t, but I myself have never faced a calderius that i can’t best with Miko.


He jump is good for moving side to side or backward to not for height i really like enemies have a hard time hitting me and your not crazy his melee is weak compared to his gun but should he be great a both? I tend to stay away from melee character so i dont really use it anyway.

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His melee is way stronger than his gun in my experience. What helix choices are you making?

I think the build posted in this forum is excellent for a melee Caldarius. You should try it.

Your problem is that you’re trying to match dedicated DPS - of course you can’t, Cald isn’t built for that. Remap your reflexes when playing him, because your first option should be flight, not fight. The moment anyone engages meaningfully (as in, deals damage - kiting melees is fundamental to Cald play and you should do it a lot), leave and bother someone else.

His melee isn’t great though, I’ll agree. You’ll end up grabbing a bunch of Blade boosts just by default because of the blandness of Cald’s mutations which can sort of be useful, but with the TMP upgrade I rarely find it worthwhile to be in the cut slashing away.

Remember, your great advantage is speed, both natural and with Burst, and mobility. Don’t play someone else’s game of Napoleon gunlines - frustrate and draw away, gang up with allies, nab minion swarms with Bleedbang + a few blade swipes.

Cald is never a 1v1 specialist, but he excels at being the +.5 in someone else’s duel.

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I will say that (1) Caldarius’ melee is hilariously strong if you take the correct build. I am able to get a ~42% attack speed boost with the gravitic burst and gear, that plus 110 damage hits every time? It’s ridiculous. And (2) the default double jump is for changing direction mid-air. It is excellent for dodging and kiting even without the lateral boost. (I often use the energy transfusion instead of lateral boost)

I think his jump is only useeful if you start jumping in the wrong direction. I wantt it to move MORE lateral (only a little bit more lateral, and the mutation later on would get the same increase to its lat. movement) But the fact that he has a forward dash that stops at an enemy for a melee hit, and many melee mutations, I definitely think he should have more melee damage. I’m not saying a ton, just some more than he has right now to keep it in line with his TMP. It’s basically like using any ranged character’s quick melee in terms of DPS.

I dislike the idea of basing my character off of gear (though I would use a build still). This is because while I can better him with gear, I can play any of the characters that outperform him and do the same thing. Also, capture doesn’t allow for a lot of gear use, due to the lack of shards, and that’s my main gametype.

Maybe you’re right. To me he seems like a weak dps, but due t ohis ability to move, maybe hes just not supposed to be good? Wow tthat came out wrong. Still I get what you mean, but at least on xb1 there tends to be very little teamwork, so bugging peoplee isn’t going to help much if no one is going to come in and do something. Maybe that’s why he seems so bad, because witthout a party you’re basically just a low dps when you’re supposed to be running around bugging and distracting people for your teammates, since you’re teammates aren’t going to get in on the fight. (seriously, so many players are so scared of fighting I find, especially when I’m trying to play miko. It really is a gamechanger if you run from battle as a tank or dps especially when you could be fully healed if you just stayed near miko)

Naw, I get what you’re saying. In terms of raw DPS, Caldarius hurts - he’s got low health and low damage output. You just need to put it where it matters, and this is his area of expertise.

It’s true even on Playstation that he’s very team-dependent. If your team doesn’t have two forwards (tanks or attackers) then Caldarius doesn’t have enough to work with; he can annoy everyone but there’s not enough raw damage going out to let him tip the scales. You end up playing too far forwards and dying horribly when you overextend, or watching helplessly as the enemy team decimates your sentries because you can’t push hard enough by yourself.

As for gear, the sexiest setup is undoubtedly Sword of Transfusion (ult heals for 50% damage dealt), and the Pacifier (lowers attack of enemies damaged). You can get a third but honestly those two add the most - basically infinite sustain and free debuffing to help address the DPS imbalance (plus making flashbangs even sexier with their AoE). I never used anything else in the Beta, and while I haven’t got the Pacifier to drop yet, the Sword is easy enough.

I see where you coming for but i disagree His melee is great doing 100 damage and he hits twice rapidly and isnt much of a delay to stirke again. He not meant to be able to go full melee like other character has he has a gun. I think he is in a good place right now and abuff would be him op he pistol does great damage shoots fast and reloads is super quick his melee does more damage than a quick melee and hits twice. With the right build he can melee well just not as good as other which makes sence has they dont have a ranged weapon. His jumps moves him side to side or backwards and makes him uncatchable to melee and very hard to pin down. Its isnt meant to move him forward quicker as they would be no point in giving him sprint speed.
The only real problem with him right now is his ult not working when there is something above him.
If you struggling just play him a bit and get used to quick reaim your shots after jumping side to side or backwardwith they a melee character. They wont be able to hit your easily and you win most 1v1 fights.

One of my biggest problems with him is his dashing attack has absolutely no weight behind it. You get a helix option to have him launch in the air, but the enemy you hit with it doesn’t react at all.

Even small enemies stay stationary. You’d figure a mech rocket launching himself at you would have some kind of knockback.

That’s probably done for Cald’s benefit. If his dash knocked enemies away, he wouldn’t be able to follow up with melee as easily and it’d probably help them escape in most scenarios.

That melee issue sounds more like you’re using Caldarius’ kit wrong than anything else. Not to mention even before lateral boost, his double jump is spectacular for remaining dodgy and hard to hit. The flashbang is fine. I’ve killed plenty of people with it myself. Ialso consider his early game to be fairly strong if used properly. Caldarius’ character description helps to understand his true nature. He is a shock trooper. Meant for quick in and out strikes, diving in quickly and dipping out before his opponents can respond.

Also, if you can beat caldarius with miko, you haven’t fought a truly good caldarius yet. They are rare, but they exist.

I find Miko really fun to fight as Cald. The blind stops his heal beam and his huge head and lack of dashes makes chaining crits ease.

Makes sense about the melee. I feel like it should do more damage than it does.the rate of fire on his SMG and at close range (not quite melee range) you can do more DPS than a melee. So that leaves his dash as just a get away. It would be nice if a successful hit did an AOE for shockwave and add a little extra heft to his attack. and maybe add extra damage to bots with melee id be fine. But I’ve chopped away at miko and barely scratched her after a dash.

On the same note his dive attack seems reeealy weak in comparison to others. Considering you cant do it indoors,near any overhang or just randomly decides not today, you should really crush them. all other attacks go on for a duration or have some CC effect. His just kinda looks cool and can finish someone with a sliver of health.

His melee is interesting. It actually does do less dps then his tmp at level 1 now, but with the level 2 augment that grants 20% bonus speed on it, the dps goes slightly higher. However, the melee’s mostly there to finish people off without having to aim at close ranges, and not worry about reloads. Plus, it clears minions really fast.

I honestly can’t agree in the slightest regarding his ult though. Sure, the damage might be kinda… meh, compared to abilities like Orendi’s and Thorn’s ults, but let’s look at what his has that theirs doesn’t.

  • Immunity to melee characters for a short time
  • Healing with his legendary gear
  • A really long range dash to finish it off

What Cald’s ult lacks in damage, it makes up for with its huge versatility and utility. I’ve had many a laugh as I ulted away as a Rath went spinning under me, and when I’ve dived halfway across the map onto an unsuspecting Marquis.

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His melee is prety good for finishing off. Also, it has quite a large aoe so when you’re close but the enemy is jumping around the melee is more likely to hit. It should only be used to secure kills though (= enemy on low health)

ability + Lateral movement is great. You can jump backward as fast as sprinting forward making caldarius unique in that he can kite melee characters. Also, sideward jump can be used to dodge Galilea shields, wrath throwups etc. I use the double jump constantly and it’s awesome. Just don’t use it forwards unless you’re being slowed (jetpacking out is much faster than sprinting while slowed, but not faster than full sprint).

Also, when being thrown up by rath or something else, doublejump backward or sideways (depending on which direction you want to go) and you won’t be even close to rath anymore, completely dodging his ult (this is why I love Caldarius).

I hope this helps.

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I love Caldarius and his ult. It is annoying though when you clip a leaf on a tree and come crashing down again right into the danger that you were trying to escape. I feel that the clipping mechanic could be a little bit more forgiving/polished. Maybe the ult should just not trigger if under an overhang or a signal given on the ult symbol that something above your head is blocking you (if you’d use the ult).


That’s honestly the best idea for Cald’s ult I’ve read in a while. Everyone keeps suggesting to just disable his ult when under something, but sometimes I use it even if I know I’ll get cancelled as a high jump.

Then again, he can move while flying up and clip something because he turned while ascending, so even that’s not a perfect fix.

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ha, cheers mate :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you control Caldarius when flying up in his ult? Didn’t know that, I usually just use it to go straight up.