Problems with Camera Mode

Camera Mode was updated not to long ago for consoles. But it’s kinda hard/annoying when I’m trying to get a picture with an explosion and it just despawns before I get everything ready. (As in I’m already in camera mode but the game decides to despawn it. Same with gun/grenade effects)

Also I get using the dpad is great for the menu but for the love of all pandora make it faster. It takes literal minutes trying to reset the Time of Day that you might as well just wait it out.

When ever the camera mode is turned on the game lets a few frames slide in a way so you are always late on the shot.

The inputs are no longer put in when camera mode is turned on so say you were trying to take a picture with a Hyperion AimDown Shield. The game would open camera mode and say you’re not aiming.

You also can’t turn the camera while Moze is exiting her mech as the camera becomes locked.

When entering Camera Mode while in a vehicle the camera might get stuck if you exit it. It only gets stuck for a little while in a runner but for like a Cyclone it’ll get stuck in the position you put it in. One the side, on top, under, you get the point

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Well… if the game is performing an input, chances are you cannot PAUSE the input.

I have taken some shots doing melee attacks, and only once the input registers can you pause the game. Sure, it’s not ideal, but the way the game is designed, I would expect the camera mode to take a back seat to the priority of the game working.

The only issues I am running into, is that the Filters do NOT work. I likely would not use them any way, but if one of them allows me to color correct the strange saturation gradients that happen, then Yeah, I guess I would use the filters.

Other than that, I think it works just fine.

They could easily make it that the input is repeated or that they have another menu option to start inputs. Other games do this with their photo mode like Warframe.

They COULD do that, but not EASILY. You are talking about changing the way that the inputs are handled… for the entire game. If the game doesn’t allow you to PAUSE while performing another input, oh well.

They are not going to rebuild the entire game to make photomode work perfectly. It’s a slap on extra that we should just be happy to have slapped on, at all.

I personally love it when games have photomode… it’s one of my favorite things to do in games… but I never would expect the game to take a back seat to the camera mode… that’s just silly.

If not allowing the pause and inputs to function at the same time, prevents the game from crashing, or causing some sort of anomaly, then we are just Out of Luck on that front.

Again, its not something that you can just tweak.

Why are you babying them so much? They not only have the time but they already got the money for funding. If they can force inputs on npcs then they can sure as hell allow a force input for camera mode.

Why would fixing camera mode make them rebuild the entire game? What do you think camera mode does? It’s supposed to allow you to take a snapshot of the game in action or not in action.

If it can’t do both it has already failed in an aspect. It’s bad enough there’s already a delay that makes you miss the shot you want. But having your character not continue inputs due to that pause or at least have effects stay loaded in makes it less useful more than ever.

These are basic features a camera mode should have in any game. It’s the point of having a camera mode.

Firstly, I am not babying anyone. This is part of the reality of adding a photomode to a game. I have been using photomodes in games since Gran Turismo 4. In that game you could PAUSE a live run, but there was always a slight delay. You could also use photomode from inside of a REPLAY, which is the ideal way to do that.

Every game that I have played, that has a LIVE photo mode, has a slight delay between you pressing the button and getting the game paused.

The only issue that this game seems to have, is related to pressing Pause while pressing another button.

Thats the whole issue.

Not sure exactly what sort of picture you are trying to grab, but everything I have done with the photo mode, has been nothing short of stellar.

I already described one type of picture im trying to get but ok. Don’t read the OP.

Yes, I get that… You want to shoot an explosion… Maybe, get the settings set up for that location, lighting contrasts and all that dialing in stuff. It will actually stay how you leave it.

If you can’t nail the explosion because it despawns, is it because you are taking too long, or is it because you moved the camera too far away?

Also, are you using the override mode? Because that is kinda key.

No matter how you put it. It doesn’t change that the camera mode is lacking. Can’t even take pictures of explosion. Can’t even take pictures of characters aiming down sights. You can’t move the camera far so the far away point doesn’t stand. Especially cause it’ll despawn no matter what.

Override as in the forced focus? I don’t get how any of the current settings available would make the camera mode fully work.

Why else would I make a thread stating multiple issues?

Yes, overriding forced focus, may affect the DOF, which in video game land, could be the difference between drawing something and not drawing something.

I have posted a small handful of the images I have taken, here:

It doesn’t matter as even if I’m in the dead center of the explosion it’ll despawn

So for Xbox is there a dedicated button press to take the picture (think Fallout 76) or do you just have to rely on the screenshot option from the console menu?

You have to pause. Then select camera mode. There’s not hot key or a way to turn it on without pausing first

I mean when you’re in photo mode is there a button press to take the picture without actually having to take a manual screenshot from the Xbox menu?