Problems with 'Clothesline' and 'Dragon Splash'

This post in not in regards to damage or CD but with the physical mechanics and control response.

I noticed that when activating ‘Clothesline’ that it was a very finicky and temperamental ability, and what I mean is that in pressing the right stick just a tad would send you veering in that direction. i had more than one occasion where I was trying to use it offensively in lane on ‘Meltdown’ to stun and knock up some opponents and ended up literally spinning in a tight circle until the ability timed out In my opinion the ‘steering’ for 'Clothesline; is very touchy and almost makes the ability next to useless. If you are using it as an escape ability it’s relatively decent, but with it being too sensitive it makes it a difficult offensive ability. Especially when in close quarters does ‘Clothesline’ become next to inoperable.

‘Dragon Splash’, while not as finicky as ‘Clothesline’, does have some issues with execution. I will be the first to say I may be initiating it incorrectly, but my past experience with splash abilities like this allows you to be some ways away from opponents and have some decent time to aim you landings. What I mean is that I seem I have to be right on top of my target before initiating ‘Dragon Splash, where as my instincts tell me I should be able to be in the middle of a ‘Meltdown’ lane and splash down on someone at the end of the lane or any where in between (like Bacchus’ ‘Belly Flop’ from Smite). At the same time, the time ‘Dragon Splash’ gives you while you’re in the air to aim yourself is significantly small and most of the time I tend to whiff the attack because I am forced to land prematurely while I’m moving the splash icon over my intended destination.

Am I alone in thinking that ‘Clothesline’ is too input sensitive or that ‘Dragon Splash’ has a too short an aim time and distance? Or am I misinterpreting how these abilities should be used?

I’m just not a fan of clothesline in general. I use it more to escape than to attack.

Ditto. I prefer Dragon Splash do to the nice electric AoE it can create later through Helix

Honestly,the only time I use clothesline offensively is when I’m in En Fuego, because it seems to have a bit of a lock on, and does decent damage, but otherwise it is quite useless IMO.

I agree, clothesline isn’t a good skill at all right now. It does too little damage, no real effects, nothing notable to help you much at all.

I know the “finnicky-ness” you guys are talking about, and I’ve ran into the tight circle of “specialness” (my dog pulls the same move) but I certainly don’t find it useless…

El Dragon’s entire purpose is to get in and get out quickly, The purpose of the clothesline is to get into punching range as quick as you can: Put the pop-up ability on your clothesline in the helix, rush your target, pop them up when you get there, instantly trigger the splash while they’re popped up and can’t move, and then start swinging.

The issues with controlling it don’t occur if you don’t press any directional input when firing, it’ll only pull hard to the side if you’re pulling hard to the side when you activate it, so, go neutral on the sticks as you take-off, and you won’t have an issue… or, pull hard to a side if you want to go through someone, spin, and leave, or if you want to fire through someone, come back around, and re-engage them.

Just try not to fire while trying to aim, give it a second before you start steering :wink:


Stupid question. With the pop up on clothesline how do you activate it? I can’t figure out how to cancel the clothesline once I’m in it.

Click the same button/key that initiated it. For example: on XB1 LT is the Clothesline button so once you start your run and get to the place you want to be press LT again to stop premature.

The knock up function is a Helix Augmentation.

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Duh… I should have known that. Getting old, sometimes the simplest things escape me :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for the info and non-ridicule :slight_smile:

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It’s an easy thing to miss/overthink