Problems with enhanced edition

Anyone else having a problem having the game launcher not recognizing your GPU. The game keeps wanting to run using my intel integrated graphics card??

No it saw my 1080 immediately. What do you have.

i have a 1070


yea i have tired reinstalling. Also changing settings on how my PC uses my GPU for that game. It keeps resetting to intel integrated instead of the 1070.

oh wait, why is your intel graphics even on? Go disable it in driver manager. Or even better, bios. Which is what I do. Can’t interfere with anything if it’s disabled from boot:P

This fixed the issue for me

or even easier

Unfortunately, this fix only works if you have a Nvidea card or maybe Windows10. May want to add that to the SOLVED text. For those of with AMD Radeon cards there doesn’t seem to be a place select a specific GPU to use. And for my R9 200 series, I am using the latest drivers. So a lot of Radeon users still need a fix.

Does this link help at all?

Thanks for the suggested link but won’t help me, and maybe others. The fix in that thread references an issue on a laptop with “switchable graphics”. Being on a desktop, the Radeon software I have doesn’t have that option or anything like it.

Might be worth asking in there, then? Otherwise, drop the GBX support folks a note:

It might. Does your cpu have a graphics chip in it? Because that’ll need to be disabled in the bios.

well, Good news/Bad news. Took your advice & others Poisonedbite and checked the BIOS. There was an onboard-graphics setting set to Enabled. Disabled it, rebooted, and now the launcher settings does see my Radeon graphics card. Great!

Bad news: still have the same issue of bad video/graphics on the opening screens and cut screens. So there may still be a problem with some AMD Radeon cards.

But I appreciate everyone’s help, Thanks!

Yeah, I saw a couple of posts about that elsewhere, including a link to a video capture of one of the map loading screens - that was painful to watch.

Seeing NVidia users having this problem as well. Don’t blame your card just yet.