Problems with hidden chest in overlook

So I found the hidden chest in overlook. More specifically the one outside the far west island that has the section of railroad. Problem is that it’s open. Just sitting there fully open with nothing at all in it. Has anyone else had this Problem? Or am I maybe not doing something right?

Thats crazy, did you ever play through that area online? somebody possibly opened it, looted it and left.

i still remember when some idiot ran through the forbidden room in general knoxx’s farmory so he ticked it off. then the game autosaved and he messaged me “haha”. <— you’ll only understand that if you played the knoxx dlc in bl1.

Son of a … witch - that’s a truly evil thing to do. My commiserations.

No. this was the very first time I was in the area. And no-one was with me.

I did forget to mention that I’ve only played this in nvhm. Is it possible that the contents of this chest (heartful splodger) is only available in tvhm or uvhm?