Problems with ISIC boss in Algorithm

I’ve been having two problems while facing ISIC solo as well as what I might consider a glitch or maybe just an oddity when using Miko. Playing solo against ISIC I find it exceptionally difficult to finish him when he’s in “floating head mode” as a melee character. Being thrown all around thru the air makes it nearly impossible to get in melee range. And the graphics make a huge problem with loot. After killing him half the time I never find the loot because it’s too difficult to see if it’s even possible on the ground. At least put an exit instead of auto finishing. I’ve had times where I finally find the loot and can’t get to it before the mission ends. Finally using Miko’s “Fungus Among Us” with the “Vicious Strain” perk breaks ISIC’s mech. He never even got to stand up because the damage would automatically destroy another leg and drop him down to expose his core again.


I apologize for the giant block of text. I probably should have organized that better but I’m falling asleep.

I agree with both parts.

Melee is just really difficult for that phase. (When playing solo)

I also agree on the loot. Most times, when he finally dies, you’re in the air and only have a vague idea of where you are positioned and he was positioned. It could be that there were no loot drops for him, but there have been times where I’m looking around trying to find his loot on the ground and came away with nothing.

This is definitely a story mission where you want at least one ranged Battleborn with you. The fight against the Galactic Emperor also is one where being ranged helps a lot, I find, but as melee it is not bad at all, just a bit more tedious. Even the first bit with the snipers down that opening platform begs to have ranged characters. The Void’s Edge is, all around, far, far more melee friendly.

I am not sure what else can be done, other than having Magnus ISIC’s head not fly around in the air while you get hurled around helplessly if you are solo and playing melee. They would basically need to code an edge case in so you are not left waiting around on cooldowns.

I just earlier today played it again a few times to check, once with Kelvin and once more with Miko.
Kelvin was absolutely atrocious to fight that part. I managed to do it finally by using Sublimate to deal absolutely piddly damage when ISIC was directly beneath me. It took me 6 lives with just over 9000 (yea yea insert Vegeta voice here) health to finally pick away at him because I couldnt hit him with anything else.

With Miko I can confirm the problem with Fungus Among Us, it appears to continue to hit the reactors in ISIC’s legs even while his shields are up over them including when he’s downed. This causes him to immediately be downed as soon as he stands again as the damage is enough to kill the reactors in his legs before he stands back up causing a loop.

We just killed ISIC and he dropped no orbs…oh dear, not this again.

I don’t play Miko … At all but doesn’t he have a ranged attack?

Yes, the issue with Miko is a separate one where his/her ultimate skill will kill ISIC’s first form immediately because the damage pierces his shielding and locks him in a loop where he can’t stand up.

Honestly, when it comes to loot and loot packs, they should just make them auto-collect to the nearest person if they haven’t been picked up in a few seconds. That would fix that.

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Just did this solo a bit ago. I don’t remember seeing any loot at all, but I got a legendary gear drop from him. I’d just assumed it went straight into my inventory, but I guess not.

I just tried the algorithm with galilea and @#$! me sideways ISIC is a pain. Even just getting him down to the head phase was tedious. By the time a melee character is within striking range he’s stomping on your head and then you get stuck under him taking more damage. Yes i was using shield throw but outside of throw/run/wait for cooldown/repeat there’s not much other choice. I have literally put ISIC down with Marquis in under 2 minutes solo. Galilea was 15 minutes to get to ISIC and 20 to beat him. I also encountered a potential bug where he knocked me so high i insta-died and couldn’t do a thing about it. Frustrating

I confirm that, seems like the “head” phase has issues, it just bounces a player in the air on and on and on… I don’t know if it is intended this way, but it’s weird and frustrating, especially for melee characters. I had a few issues with the “mech” phase too, ISIC seems to be leaving the arena sometimes and then teleports back in. Aside of that, great job guys, I’m having a lot of fun :smiley:

Turns out the drop I had was from Geoff, not Isic.

That last phase is trivial for ranged (maybe took 5 seconds on Miko…pretty sure I reloaded once). Needs some help for melee. I think Randy V. Acknowledged the other day that melee was being punished a bit too hard on that mission and they would take a look at it.

Yeah, i started the campaign solo as Rath, and it took me waaaaay too long to kill ISAC, in both forms. In his first form (Walker), it was almost impossible to kill the batteries without dying, or move to the batteries on his side-legs (because he turns to face you quicker than you move around him). While he is in floating-head mode, I literally could not damage him except for every once in a while, being able to hit him with Crossblade, and even then, it did little damage, had a cooldown, and was incredibly hard to hit because of the speed of it. Playing this mission as any melee character is terrible, and a lot of the characters are primarily melee. as well, sometimes ISAC would push me into the ceiling where you drop down to fight him, and i couldnt move or hit him from there, but i would take damage. this mission took me 30min and 7 lives. The game needs to recognize when you have no ranged players in your squad, and change his AI to be killable with melee. Side note: while playing this as Rath, when i was above ISAC and had to look down, i couldn’t because of Rath’s ‘skirt’ that would flare up and block all vision even remotely downward. gearbox please tone this down so i can play as an aerial assault Rath with his double-jump. Just make the ‘skirt’ flare up and block 30-60 degrees downwards, not 180.

I agree with you man. I had a really tough time taking out ISIC with Rath during the floating head stage of the fight, but with characters like Oscar Mike, Orendi and Marquis, that stage isn’t all that bad.

I tried The Algorithm once with Shayne&Aurox and was pretty sure the floating part of the fight was a terrible glitch. Are you guys serious that it’s the intended part of the fight? Randomly flying around? Why is the floor lighting up in red then, if you’re not touching it most of the time?

That fight is horribly designed. After the fight, the floor lights should turn off, so you’ll be able to see the gear (blue on blue, what a fantastic idea). Then, I was presented with 99% black screen (1% on the right was not covered and I could still see the level), with snowflake ornaments appearing once a second. The black screen lasted for about a minute, and the mission finally ended just before I would have decided to kill the process.

In PvP, the delay is awful too. You stare at the screen “Victory (numbers)” for over 10 seconds. It’s not a wall of text you must read, it’s literally two lines that are glanceable in a maximum of two seconds. Why does the game love end cards so much?

In my humble oppinion, the whole final part with being thrown around in the air could just be gone and I wouldn’t miss it.
It is at least annoying regardless of character and an utter pain at most.
Especially on consoles, where even ranged attacks are a pain, aiming 4-ways on a constantly moving target.

It’s an original idea, that’s cool, but… It just doesn’t work here.
At least have him pull you towards him (and bite you or whatever) instead of pinballing you around. That way it wouldn’t mess with your aim as much and allow melee characters to get in close.

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