Problems with Killavolt Mission (can´t get to the Boss fight)


I played the Killavolt Mission and have the Problem, that when i killed the third girl at the docks, the chip (or what ever i must get) falled into a hole (between some container), and i can´t get there.
So i intentional died, but it was already there. Then i get back to the next map and when i get back, the mission shows me to talk with Moxxi again, but nothing happens. So i can´t get to killavolt.
It is possible to restart the mission oder what can i do?



Now it has worked. Now at Level 35 i want back and tried again, but i had the same error. So i went to bed and today morning it works! I don´t know what anybody has done, but it was sucessful! ThX to the Borderlands 3 Team.