Problems with replaying Scarlett's DLC

So my main problem is I messed up farming some stuff so I was just going to reboot my DLC. Did what normally works with any other DLC for the games I own. Uninstall, boot up game, access character, save/quit, reinstall, storyline is playable again. On every other game I’ve done this for it has worked. But apparently not for BL2. Tried this and the storyline shows completion. Did Gearbox work in a redundancy for this or is there some new fandangled way to go about this?

Are you in UVHM? Because if so, you can just reset the playthrough. If you’re in Normal or TVHM… Too bad.

Yeah I’ve done the UVHM mode reset. I’m wondering if it can be done with TVHM.
My main problem is that the data should reset or delete. I do this with Skyrim all the time. Delete a DLC, load character so it resets all DLC items (or deletes them), exit game, and reinstall. Then BAM you can replay countless times. It worked for Borderlands 1, the Fallout series, Elder Scrolls. I’m just curious if anyone knows why Borderlands 2 is so special. Is it maybe some compatibility patch or other DLC interfering?

Normal mode and TVHM DLC cannot be reset.

I don’t think you’re getting what I’m saying. I am aware they cannot be reset. I am referring to the fact that I have deleted the data on my console. The data does not exist anymore. Its memory was wiped. Then I reinstall the DLC. There should not be any data from that DLC present.

I think the data might be stored on your character’s save-file, not in the DLC cache.

Ah damn, I think you might have hit the nail right on the head. I never thought about that. I’ll have to check that out. Thanks!

This is correct. Mission progress for each mode/story/dlc is in the save file, so simply uninstalling the DLC will not clear it.