Problems with story

Has anybody the same problem that you can finish a mission an get out without earning experience, loot and all lore you did in the round are being resetet happend to me today 3 times.

Yeah, happen to me today too. Once. And another guy wrote he had it three times.

But this is a console problem, right?
Well over 500 hours on PC and I haven’t had this problem.

Yeah i am on ps4 but the errer said something about a server problem

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ok ok ok ok ok i have no idea why but my progress from my last mission is now there

Nope, I’m on PC.

I’ll look at it tomorrow but my lost mission results are still lost.

I checked the progress after i did the mission and didn´t had any of it, but when i started the game the next time i had the progress

and now i didn´t get anything from the mission i did the lore of caldarius now like three times and i don´t want to do it again