Problems with The Claptastic Voyage

I started The Claptastic Voyage at level 25. As a result, I could not get very far. I am now a level 30, and would like to progress. Unfortunately, the large door in the scanner room in the security station will not open. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Does this appear to be a bug?

There are a few threads in this forum that deal specifically with issues that occur on certain platforms, usually those are not only the best way of getting refined information, but assists the staff in dealing with the issues.

If this does appear to be a bug (given that some one doesn’t have another solution to this issue that may involve an aspect of gameplay) I would place a ticket in to the helpdesk;

I see one similar question in the XB1 support area, but it doesn’t look like anyone responded.

What does your mission progress indicate (the list of check boxes in the top-right of the screen)?
Is there any sign of your digital spirit guide (Claptrap)?

Here’s the other post for reference FWIW:

No sign of Claptrap, and the checkboxes are: Reopen data stream and Retrieve H-Source.

Dang! You must have quit out the previous time before triggering whatever event it is that keeps the door open? I would do as @Giuvito said and file a bug report.

Meanwhile, your best bet for advancing the story would be to join the game of someone who’s just starting the mission where you have to go through the security station, and stay in their game until you are through the security gate and have taken the fast travel to the next area (Motherless Board). There are separate Online Play & Trading sections for each platform; make sure you post which level you are and which mode mode (normal, true, etc.). (If you’re on 360 I may be able to help you out.)

That’s the one and only unforgivable bug that I’m aware of. I’m sorry that it struck you. If you play into the motherless board, but don’t go through to the P4NDOR4 fast-travel point before saving and quitting, you can’t progress anymore. You are forever stuck looking at a locked door. Sorry. Submit a support ticket, and see if they can do something at their end to ramrod you through. Perhaps coop through that section in someone else’s game?