Problems with the new "forums"

I don’t know where else to put this but… I guess I’ve been lurking for a long time and only just now looked at the new forums for the first time… My head hurts and I have a bad headache now trying to figure out how to find things…

Where can I find all the threads I made and posts I made in the old forum system?

I used to be able to click my profile and view all topics I’ve created but that doesn’t seem possible now?

Also… It seems this forum software “automatically watches” every single last topic I click on and view, and sends me email updates about said topic… without my permission, just because I clicked on it… this is the stupidest load of BS I’ve ever seen in my life. If I want to watch something I’ll subscribe to it… don’t freaking auto-watch for me… @#@!$#@$%#@!%$%^$!%$% so mad. I can’t even view this damn site now without being terrified of getting slammed with 500 emails a day just because I looked at things.

I came here trying to find someone else with performance problems with the recent DLC for BL:TPS but I can’t even search… let alone browse this place anymore.

And I have one of the more powerful computers that exist… 4.4 ghz i7 and even that gets slowed down to a crawl trying to scroll down a page of 30+ replies on this site.

What in the name of heck possessed you people to switch to this bloated pile of crap forum software?

I moved a post to an existing topic: New Forum Feedback Thread

If you dont want emails just go into options, preference, and disable it…
Nearly all your complains are just you not going into options to customize your forum experience.

Your old posts are found here in the archived old forums

This new forum is a fresh start for everyone.