Problems with Toby vs Rath

Toby is my favorite character! But I’ve been playing the Beta for quite a while now and I’ve found that it seems I’m having trouble with the Ultimate skills conflicting between Toby and Rath. It seems Toby’s Core Discharge doesn’t work against Rath’s Dreadwind every time. Rath is pretty tough for Toby to handle and I don’t mind that, but not being able to damage Rath during his Dreadwind is a problem. Rath is able to damage Toby with the Dreadwind with no way for Toby to fight back with the Core Discharge or the Rail Gun. Throwing mines work OK if Rath gets in the way. Core Discharge is a powerful skill too and works well against other opponents, just not against Rath. Please fix this. Thanks.

Are you sure they aren’t healing through it? Does it affect their shield?

I am pretty sure because I’ve fought Rath in a couple matches. I was thinking it’s probably a bug on my end. I hope it clears up.

Opt for the Helix upgrade that gives his arcmine a stun on hit, as Rath is pretty defenseless while ulting and very suspectible to stuns.