Profile lost, Limited-time Rewards gone

My saved game folder for BL2, including my profile.bin file and all that, was lost.

As a result, I am missing a number of limited time rewards I previously unlocked.

If I go to the ‘Extras > My Rewards’ section of the menu, or to my SHiFT profile here on the website, I can still see them all in there (“Dragon Keep Head: Gaige”, “Spooky Skins”, “Gaige Pre-Sequel Customizations”, etc.) however they are not present in any of my character’s inventories and I do not have them unlocked in any customization stations.

Is there any way to reclaim these rewards? Or am I pretty much screwed? If I try entering in any of the relevant codes again, I get a message saying the code has already been redeemed.

This would be why I’ve been backing up my game save files for years on all the Borderlands games, and why I’m so ticked off at MicroSoft for still refusing to let us do that with our Xbox One saves. Super ticked off that I couldn’t get a pre-order for the Collector’s Edition for PC! :-1::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

About all you can do is file a support ticket - unless you are playing on a platform where you have backups that you can try using. What platform are you on?

They mentioned a .bin file, so I’m thinking it’s a PC.

It was on PC, Steam specifically, but I unfortunately did not have a cloud backup available.

Thank you for the Support link, as well. I was looking for that myself.

Never rely only on Cloud Saves. You should have your own, local backups on 1 or more external drives you own. USB flashdrives, external hard drives, a different hard drive on your PC, a Network Attached Storage drive, something.

Moved to the right spot. Hopefully the support team can help you with some things. But do look in to getting a physical backup solution! I can’t count the number of times an incremental backup on an external drive has saved my bacon (and my work!)