Profile page Broken

And by that, I mean on the mobile version. I can’t access any of the drop-down menus, or my preferences.

@Kitty_Jo, I think this should go to a different category…

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I didn’t see a ‘tech support’ category.

It could go here and people will read it more.

Got ya moved.

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What browser are you using? And is everything up- to-date?

I had the same problem in IE 9, but Edge and Chrome worked fine on pc and mobile.

Everything is up to date, as far as I am aware (did a big system update 2 days ago), and I am using Chrome (also constantly updating).

What device are you using?

Droid ULTRA, phone version 4.4.4

Hmm… Have you tried different browsers to see if it is Chrome?

I don’t have another browser on this device, but it probably doesn’t matter. I have access to the forums on my home computer. Even so, I will try when I get back to my own wifi signal.

WiFi might be better than mobile data. It might be the browser or your connection, so see if it works in a few days. Or install another browser if your own WiFi does not fix it and see then.