Progress Issues with waves

(Hyoryusenbi) #1

For some reason, progress almost never saves correctly, its EXTREMELY irritating when i get to wave 40, ONLY TO BE STARTED BACK AT WAVE 20! Anyone else having these issues? Because its getting on my nerves


If you see that happen try to close and reset the app then start it again.

That happened to me a couple times and it still had my Ultimates on cooldown and I didn’t have any offline earnings after not having played for a few hours so I reset the app and it was working just fine.

(Hyoryusenbi) #3

I usually close it every time im done playing for a while, then it just resets my progress

(LastDarkness) #4

Online and Offline seem to have some differant save markers sometimes.

(Hyoryusenbi) #5

I didnt even know there was a difference, thats irritating