Progress Wont Save In Friends Game!

I’ve played through normal mode completely and am now in TVHM. I joined my friend who is also in TVHM and after hours of playing i went back to my game only to realize that none of the progress had been saved. All the cool loot i had collected over those hours was gone and it was like i never even joined his game and spent those hours playing. A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME. I was wondering if anyone else was having this problem, and more importantly if anyone had a solution. I’m not as mad about the story progress as i am the loot. I dont mind playing the story again, but i would like to at least play with my friend have fun and get loot. because if i cant do that there is no point in joining at all. Really looking for a solution to this problem.

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same issue here. we put in hours and hours together to progress tvhm together (only). yet when i try to load my own game, it’s making me start from the beginning of tvhm. it doesnt progress for me. only in his game for some reason.

Same for me… my progress continues if my friends join me… but it don’t if I join them. :frowning: Frustrating

Same issue, any word on what to do?

Same problem here. Can anyone help? I’ve played nearly the entire story with a friend on TVHM, and tried to enter my own game today. It put me right at the beginning with Claptrap. =(

EDIT: Decided to start playing anyway, and I found that if you play through to meeting Lilith, you will get the option to skip! Hooray! For some reason they make you play the intro again. Probably shouldn’t have to, but at least you can get your progress back.