Progression/Order of Weapon Farming

Okay, so I don’t believe I’ve seen a topic on this and if I missed it I apologize, but my question is whether their is a logical progression to getting a character to OP8 and procuring max gear? For instance, I’m currently running a fresh Maya through UVHM in the hopes of getting her to OP8 as soon as possible. I realize the first step is going to be getting her through the grind and up to level 72 but once I reach that is there a standard order in which people pick up new gear? (I realize this may depend on character/build) I am sticking fairly close to @Derch’s Twisted/Pimp build but am trying to keep this Maya as self-sufficient as possible by not moving gear over from other characters. I had planned on waiting until 72 to pick up a fresh Pimp and I could always farm LLM for random goodies, but is there a more prescribed way of progressing that doesn’t seem to be so dependent on luck? Are there certain raid bosses i should focus on? At what OPS levels is it appropriate to stop and refarm for weapons? Etc. Any info or strategies are appreciated. Thanks!

To note, I’ve played well over 600+ hours of BL2 and am competent on most subjects but up until now I’ve always shared loot between characters to speed up the process. I’m just trying to get any info that could help lighten the load for this Maya.

I don’t know about an order of guns off the top of my head, but for farming new gear for OP levels do it when you start to feel they fall off.

For example you can re farm a bee and make your pimps and sandhawks go more levels.

Relics should be fine 72 all the way to op8

There isn’t a simple answer like at op2 re farm your gear. Run it until you struggle and then only re farm what you need.

Okay. Thanks. Some of the parts were simple enough to pick up with a little farming (Bee, Bone’s, Quasar, Legendary COM). I was planning on starting up Scarlett’s and pick up the PImp and Sandhawk. I’m assuming corrosive makes the most sense for both given my desire to run Peak? Or should I pick up one corrosive and one fire to help match elements? The Twister may take me some time (never farmed it before). And given that I doubt i’ll find a Bekah is there another gun that makes sense in that slot? DPUH, perhaps? Which is also easily attainable.

If you are aiming for Scarllets guns you can just refarm the Bee as the unlisted pellets are going to carry its amp damage. You dont actually need to refarm the Bones, Quasar and the COM to be honest.
Also, the DPUH is an always amazing gun so refarm it if you feel needed.

Good point. I’m hoping if I farm for decent versions at 72 I won’t have to re-farm the quest rewards until perhaps OP4. Then again at OP8. But that would be under perfect circumstances. We’ll see if the Peak cooperates. :smile:

Depends a lot on the weapons, whether they are “overkill” type or just barely make it in the DPS department.

A Pimpernel can last 4-5 levels AFAIK while a Harold needs to be changed every 2-3 levels. I carried my OP2 Rustler’s Orphan Maker all the way to OP8.

As mentioned earlier, if you depend on the Bee, the level of your guns is much less important

I totally agree about leveling the Harold about every 2 or 3 levels. I have a level 71 DPUH and had no problem getting to op2. Now I’m struggling trying to get to op3. It just takes a long time to kill things.

Thanks. I’ll plan on picking up the bulk of the gear at 72, upgrading my bee each level, DPUH every few and then upgrading the quest weapons weapons every 3-4 depending on how difficult things get. Once I get to OP8 I can figure out a logical order to knock out the raid bosses.

You can get away with farming a Bee every other level, saves you a lot of time

Thanks Chuck. That’s probably true. Does it make sense in your opinion to go with corrosive for the sandhawk and pimp? It seemed to me like the Peak had a majority of armored enemies the last time i ran through.

The Pimp is good in corrosive due to Saturn, Dukinos Mom and the last boss. The Sandhawk could be shock as it is a neutral element and the shock Bone is going to help the outleveled Quasar too.

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I never actually ran the peak with BeeHawking, so I would trust what @l_gabrielcruz just said.

Since the Sandhawk is basically just a Bee delivery system, I don’t think you would see much difference between a level 72 and an OP5-6 Sandhawk. I would still pack a Corrosive Sandhawk and keep it handy even if it becomes very underleveled.

That makes sense. I’m almost 64 now. Hoping to hit 72 tonight. I think i’ll plan on having 72: bee, bones, corrosive sandhawk, corrosive pimp, coms (hoping I can drop a legendary siren or cat, if not i’ll stick with blurred trickster), quasar, grog (just in case), DPUH… I’ll probably hold off on farming twister for a few OP levels. In the past it seemed like OP1-3 weren’t overly difficult. If I can get through those i’ll gauge where I’m at with my DPS and go from there. Since I usually play solo there is a little less room for error I guess.

The only time i use the Sandhawk is Saturn and maybe Dukinos Mom, so I would go corrosive.

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Totally agree with Derch…

Only time you need a Sandhawk is Dukino’s Mom and the Two Saturns…

I don’t even use it for Dukinos Mom…I use a Swordsplosion for her but Corrosive Beehawk is better yet pretty risky.

But the two Saturns? Yikes…takes forever without a corrosive Sandhawk and Bee.

Okay. Have made it to OP6 without any issues. Went into FFYL once at the Assassins at OP4 but was able to get up. Have used nothing but a Corrosive Sandhawk and a Corrosive Banbury Pimp, both at lvl 72. Have done nothing in between OP levels but grab a new Bee and am still doing great dmg. Chuck was spot on about the Sandhawk/Pimp basically just being Bee “delivery systems”. Haven’t really seen any dropoff in damage thus far. Only issue now is trying to solo past Dukino’s mom on OP6. Can’t seem to outrun her electric ball volleys. I’m able to do solid damage when I have time to shoot but it seems I spend the whole fight aggro’ing her around without having time to fire. Thoughts? Is there a better way to solo her?

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