Project 1v1 FAQ

(Not a Lizard Person ) #1

You’ve got questions about Project 1v1 – Gearbox Software’s in-development, first-person combat game – and we’ve got answers!

Below you’ll find our Project 1v1 FAQ. It contains just about everything you’ll need to know about the Project 1v1 Closed Technical Test.

While most things should be covered below, if you don’t see the answer to your question, feel free to reach out to our support team, or ask the community on the Project 1v1 forums.

We appreciate your participation in the Project 1v1 Closed Technical Test and look forward to hearing your feedback!


What is Project 1v1?

Project 1v1 is a first person shooter that combines the depth and skill of 1v1 deathmatch, with the deck-building strategies of a collectible card game.

How far along is Project 1v1?

Project 1v1 is best categorized as a “Pre-Alpha” because its feature set and contents are incomplete. The Closed Technical Test is just that – an early test, the results of which will be used to shape the game throughout the remainder of its development.

How do I join the Closed Technical Test?

Just head over to the Project 1v1 website and click on “sign up now”!

Can I stream or capture gameplay footage?

We’re glad you asked. Unfortunately, we are not allowing streaming or videos featuring gameplay during the Project 1v1 CTT. Additionally, no screenshots may be taken during the CTT.

How long does the Closed Technical Test last?

There’s actually no set end date for the Project 1v1 Closed Technical Test as of now. Our focus is getting the most feedback we can from the community.

What platforms is Project 1v1 available on?

Project 1v1 is currently available only on Steam, although final release and future test platforms are under evaluation.

Will Project 1v1 offer controller support?

Project 1v1 does not offer controller support.

What are the minimum PC specs for Project 1v1?

The minimum PC specs for Project 1v1 are:

Dual-Core Intel or AMD processor, 1.5 Ghz or faster
NVIDIA GeForce 470 GTX or AMD Radeon 6870 series card or higher

How can I learn more? (Links to social, etc.)

Keep up on the discussion surrounding the Project 1v1 Closed Technical Test on the Gearbox Software Forums.


How do I get more cards?

Players earn new cards when they win a ranked match! Also note that card and player level only apply to Ranked as well. Arena and Challenge matches use flattened card/player levels.

Why is the spectate option grayed out?

Players can spectate Arena matches and Challenge matches only. Ranked matches are private.

How do I learn about cards I don’t have, that my opponents are using against me?

You can read about every card in the CTT in the Collection tab, and can also watch a video showing how each card works! Additionally you can press Tab during a match to see what cards your opponent used.


How can I report a bug?

Simple – just head over to our support page and submit a ticket to notify our team. You can also share any findings or feedback on our private Project 1v1 forum.

I’m experiencing hitching and/or framerate issues. What can I do about these?

We’re looking into an issue where large lobbies are causing UX update delays, which can result in framerate drops or gameplay/spectating hitches.

As a temporary workaround, you can create smaller custom lobbies for yourself and friends in the lobby browser to help reduce this effect.

(Bioblazepayne) #2

Can you add a Link to the “sign up now” please? This way its easy right click copy or right click open new tab?

(Winged_Nephilim) #3

I received my key and followed the activate product dialogue in Steam, however it hasn’t shown up in my library yet. Tried restarting Steam as well as re-activating with the key. When I do that Steam tells me that the product is already owned and to click "next " to proceed to installation but I only have the option to click “finish.”

(Bioblazepayne) #4

Yea I saw I had that problem too. I thought it may have been a naming issue. I think, it’ll appear once they activate the Tech. Test.

(Tjlawrence87) #5

Im also having that same issue, activated the product but not coming up in my steam game list or any list i have on steam.

(Jeffybug) #6

We’re working with Valve to get this sorted out ASAP. Shouldn’t be too long. Will follow up when we have the all-clear.

Activated key, but nothing in Steam library
(Winged_Nephilim) #7

Cool. Thanks for the quick response.

(Aetos) #8

Awesome! Can’t wait to play.

(Jeffybug) #9

Should start seeing the title populate in your library now! May require a client restart as well.

(Aetos) #10

I’m downloading now! Thanks for the quick response.

(gpence01) #11

I’ve restarted the client, I am able to install the game but there seems to be a problem with the installer. When I try to play the game from steam I get this error message:

An error occured while updating Project 1v1 Closed Technical Test (missing executable):
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mahogany\MahoganyGame-Win64-Shipping.exe

(Aetos) #12

Getting an error when trying to launch the game.

"An error occurred while updating Project 1v1 Closed Technical Test (missing executable):

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mahogany\MahoganyGame-Win64-Shipping.exe"

(Jeffybug) #14

Try restarting the Steam client again – should trigger an additional download with the remainder of the files.

(Koroluka) #15

Yep, just had to restart

(Tjlawrence87) #16

Looks good now.

(gpence01) #17

Yep, all good.

(GeneFirewind) #18

Just wanted to check with you guys, can we make a Discord server for those of us that are playing the CTT to communicate?

( #22

I would also love to see a discord server for this purpose.

(Cohobin) #23

I just registered and got “Mahogany” as well, though searching my library for 1v1 displays that I have the game in my library.

Try setting your filter to ‘games’ and searching for ‘1v1’ if you’ve gotten that message.

(ryanmatthew8765) #24

Would taking screenshots for the purpose of posting in these forums be okay? I specifically wanted to bring up some issues I had with map layouts and it would be easier to clarify if I could show images.

Just curious on whether or not that would be frowned upon.