Project 1v1 Feedback

This game is alright… but needs some improvement. The maps are too small. All you end up doing is running around in closed corridors spamming AoE frag grenades or rockets negating any real skill of dodging abilities. Especially when you cannot even jump in the air to dodge since the ceiling is so low. The maps should be more wide open, but with special effects and points that you want control of because they give you an advantage. So far, the maps I’ve encountered you simply run around trying to find your opponent and no risk/reward for just camping in one spot. Next, the weapons need improving. Most of them are slow projectile weapons. I’m not asking for hitscan guns, but it would be nice if there were more guns that took into account accuracy and precision. The guns I’ve used make you simply just spam fire without having to reload. There is no real skill when you are just spamming rockets in a tiny corridor relying on AoE to frag the enemy. The game has a cool idea to it, but it’s definitely still in a pre-alpha stage. There needs to be better map design, more reward for having good aim, and implementing a form of melee wouldn’t be bad besides just having Excalibur.