Project 1v1 still a long way to go

I think that the game play is great the idea of using cards to give my player weapons and abilities works if I find that the weapons that I choose does not work I can change both weapons and abilities until I have what I want I have ran into a few problems every time I have challenged some one no one has excepted or my challenge is not getting through it gets frustrating when I wait and wait and wait to enter a game and it never happens also why are the abilities limited to only 2 or 3 uses giving them a recharge time OK but why only 2 or 3 uses or maybe that is a glitch I do not know there has been times where I have not been able to entre a game I time out at 2 min. I do like to remap my keys but I can not do this with this game. and I have had a few time that the game glitch bad